Help! Red patch with white centre on my face!

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Hi, we've just got back from a very busy holiday with my husband's extended family. Prior to that, we had quite a stressful time with home renovations and work pressures.

Towards the end of the holiday, I developed a patch of red, flaky skin, that is about an inch in diameter, feels a bit itchy, and has a white centre. I'm wondering if this is excema, which I have previously had on occasion, when I'm very tired or stressed?

What do people think? Is it most likely to be excema, and if so, what would be the best natural treatment for it? I've been trying rosehip oil for the last day or so, but can't see any difference yet.

I'm concerned that the white centre may mean it isn't excema, and wondered if anyone has had anything similar, and can offer any advice? Thanks in advance x


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    You should definitely see a doc about this just before the 'no medical advice' rule kicks in :)

    I had something similar and it turned out to be a sebaceous cyst. I got it when I was away for work, under pressure etc and I think I had to take an antibiotic because it was infected - it was quite red and angry looking. It settled down but flared up again when I was on holiday - the doc reckoned it was sunscreen etc that reactivated it. You can still see it just slightly but not too badly. I asked at the pharmacy and she thought it was a bite so it's def worth going to see a doctor about it.

    BTW my advice is don't google it, the images that come up are really scary but I think most cysts are teeny, they just use the big ones in the photos so you can see them properly :)

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