MSE News: British Gas and Ovo axe cheap energy deals

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"Two of the cheapest energy tariffs will have disappeared by tomorrow in the latest cost hike for households ..."


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    I switched to OVO six weeks ago when it was reported that fixed rates were disappearing, so became a customer last Monday.

    Martin may have hastened the end of OVO's lowest deal when mentioned it on GMTV earlier this week. According to OVO's website, they had unprecedented traffic!!
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    It's all a total farce, we are still waiting for the cuts from the massive drop in the cost of oil from its peak of $147. As the energy companies told us at the time energy prices are linked to the price of oil. And when the oil price came down, we buy up to a year in advance so we can't drop the price yet. A year later and its changed to we by upto 18 months to 2 years in advance. Another year passes and now a suddern spike in oil prices which is still less then half of what it was at its peak and we have and end to "low energy prices" and prices will rise. No more we buy in advance, its now due to oil prices again. Martin plays along with this charade with his switch now and change your energy company rubbish why not call them to account for their lies and deciet? :mad:
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    wakeupalarm, you are forgetting that the £ is pretty much worthless against other currencies right now, compared to when the price of oil was high.

    As oil is prices in USD and gas is traded in foreign currencies, the value of the £ has a lot to do with it.

    I've just switched from a soon-to-be expiring fixed rate that I got in early 2008, to a new fixed rate at the same price, which will last me until August 2011. Seems quite reasonable to me.

    The only downside is that last time I got £130 cashback for fixing, this time I only benefitted by extending my fixed rate.
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    The most annoying thing is that all these energy companies will yet again post record profits at their year end. Something has to be done to stop this. As long as these companies are allowed to make 100's of Millions in profit without giving back to the consumer when oil costs are low, then we will never see a return to affordable gas and electricity prices.

    It's time to re-nationalise Utility companies, because all private companies are doing is ensuring their fat cat bosses and investors maintain their grossly overpaid salaries and dividend payments.
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    Applied to Ovo yesterday via Moneysupermarket. Any ideas whether tariff will be based on date of application, and how long does it generally take to hear anything?
  • Whilst I udnerstand the anger many people feel I don't see how (re) nationalizing the utilities would protect the UK against soaring worldwide demand from the rapidly industrializing countries or our still pretty puny amount of gas storage and looming energy CRISIS (if the politicians don't finally get thier fingers out.

    The fact the tariffs would be simpler is about the only plus I can see.

    BTW re the prices in addition to what has been mentioned I would also say there are obligations on the companies in terms of carbon emissions reductions and things like smart meters. Even if there is scope to reduce prices now if I had to take a shot in the dark I would say those issues have been factored in and this is why prices haven't been dropped.

    Just a hunch thought nothing more.
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  • If you have just signed a new websaver 8 deal in the last couple of months are they honouring that.
  • I work for British Gas and unfortunately this article is slightly inaccurate. Websaver 8 has not been withdrawn it has merely been replaced by Websaver 9 which offers the same benefits as Websaver 8 but until November 2011. Nearly all tariffs offered have an expiry date and the Websaver deals are no exception. Anyone who signed up for Websaver 8 will have this tariff honored as with any other tariffs agreed.
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