August 2010 Grocery Challenge

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    4kids4cats wrote: »
    Got given a marrow today too - I always say yes, then wonder what on earth to do with it, that my family will actually eat. Does anyone have any good marrow recipes?
    Only thing I use marrow for is chutney - and I picked up a jar from my Dad just today :D

    Am going to have to get the recipe off him (again) though, as one 454g sized jar won't last me until this time next year ;)
    Grocery Budget : January £155. Spent £33.75 in shops + £0.00 from stocks = £32.45
    Grocery Budget : 2021 £1825. Spent £33.75 in shops + £0.00 from stocks = £32.45
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    Updating Sig - £107.56/£130 - had quite a few shopping trips this weekend.

    Went to Bradford on Saturday to visit friends and took advantage of the local Asian supermarket to pick up some items and then went to coetso on the way home. Spent more than intended but DD1 had bought some of the stuff so she reinbursed me (I love that they have free cash machines in store).

    Then yesterday my car wouldn't start (flat battery - DD2 cleaned it while we were in Bradford and ran the battery down using the radio with the door open apparently) so HAD to take a run to sainsbugs to get it up and running and call at aldi on the way home didn't I?

    Not much money left in the kitty - though branston beans are £1 for 4 in asda again so will have to stock up on a few packs - can't go over budget though as there just isn't any more to use.

    Hope everyone is doing well.
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    Just popped in to update - did my final August shop today - my month ends on the 20th so Im dclaring £181.83 for August. Overbudget by £21.83:o Not too mad at myself though as I've got lots stocked up plus I had to buy dog & cat food this month. Managed a few good whoops too on cereal and washing powder so really quite pleased.
    Will be back later in the month to post my Sept budget.
    Have a great day everyone!:)

    you will always be rich enough to be generous.
  • I am amazed at my low spend this week. (And I know loads of people spend a lot less, but I am an over-spender normally).

    We went to the farmer's market on Saturday, and got pork chops (the lady gave us a jar of apple sauce for free, as she had to give us frozen ones, having sold all the fresh! Suited us anyway, as we only wanted them for tonight), feta cheese, olives, potatoes (2.5kg bag), 8 apples, cherry tomatoes, 8 carrots and 2 peppers for ourselves. (We also got 3 coffees, a slice of pizza, 2 chocolate lollies and 5 pieces of choc biscuit cake - but these were for immediate eating/drinking there, or as a present for hosts, so not from GC budget, and was only another €15 or so anyway).

    We had to get diesel yesterday, so went to Al*i, which was right next to petrol station. MIL wanted a couple of things too. I got the milk and bread we need until midweek, cheese, salami, a tin of chickpeas (for hummus), some wine, and 4 of the super 6 (3 packs salad potatoes, 2 packs cherry tomatoes, and 1 each of carrot/parsnip tray and celery) at 39c each.

    So a total of €44, and I won't need anything else this week apart from a carton of milk and loaf of bread, around Wednesday.
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    Well Greent maybe what you need is an extra freezer! You'd only fill it up though! Just as I would:rotfl:
    I made the veggy chilli today, cooked the chicken late afternoon and have just taken it apart and put it in a bowl where it will sit overnight in out 2nd fridge(in the garage) away from DH.
    Just need to decide what we will do with it tomorrow. Ive got some rather old potatoes that I may make wedges with. Don't want to do anything with pastry so may even serve it on its lonesome with some gravy yet. Thawed out a pack of very nice sausages also for those who want them and will prob cook brocolli and carrots with it. I know-its Sunday today not tomorrow but I had to cook my beans up which were in the fridge so I had to do the chilli and not really enough room in the freezer for storage now.
    Also mad a "quick cheesy herby loaf" today which is a recipe I got from here some time ago-no yeast needed. I made it in a silicone loaf tin today and its the best one yet. I had some rather old cheese to use up so that went in it also. Had that with our chilli and rice. I actually weighed the rice today as I always seem to either cook too much or too little. Brown rice-80g per peson-served 5 but I found the 320 g I cooked was in fact enough for 6-as was the chilli. Cost under £2 for 6 servings inc the rice but not the bread.

    Can you pls post the recipe for this, sounds like it would make a yummy brekkie toasted with a little butter :D

  • Gooodddd Morning everyone,

    After a disastrous weekend, full of expenses.. Its a new week and I am going to make better.
    I have budgeted my groceries for this week and as much as I wanted to spend only 60.00, I have a lot of cleaning stuff to buy.. like washing powder, fabric, washing-up.. etc. Because I have some frozen left-overs I will be able to stick with the budget :) which is 70.00
    Today is a NSD :j and I have 15.00 in my wallet but I am going to stretch it as much as I can!!
    I hope you all have a lovely day :) :beer:
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    Hello everyone,

    Laisbojar do you include all of those items in your grocery challenge? DIY definitely doesn't come into ours and days out/activities would be a different budget too. No matter what, don't knock yourself out about it as it is the school hols after all.

    Seductivesmile what a fantastic auntie you have. Very heartwarming to hear. :)

    4kids4cats the OH does a stuffed marrow which is delish. He uses rice, tomatoes, onions, garlic as a base (he probably chucks other herbs and spices in too that I don't know about :o) and then either makes it veggie by adding cheese or meaty buy using mince. The marrow is cut longways, seeds removed, filling put into the channel, and then roasted. He has just got up (we are still on holiday) and told me the easiest way of doing it is to make a bol sauce with meat and use that as above. You can then either lay the two sides in a baking tray/dish and cook or if it's a particularly large marrow put the two halves together, wrap in foil and bake in the oven. Cook for about an hour or so at about 180.

    If you've done the wrapped in foil method, rest it for a bit after taking out of oven and then cut thick slices, lay flat sprinkle cheese on top and grill until ready to your taste. If you've done it the long cut method, you can either add the cheese about ten mins before the end or do it afterwards.

    I love marrow this way BUT be wary, the skin can sometimes (often if large) be tough so do not eat it unless you're hugely determined! :D

    Does anyone know if FelineFantastic is ok? I haven't seen her around for ages and hope she is fine.

    We haven't had any spends since the 11th but will need to get a couple of things today. I will update the sig later with whatever damage has been caused.

    Good luck for the rest of the month folks.

    Take care,
    Mortgage Free October 2013 :T
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    Hi all. It's lovely to see all the positive stories and recipe ideas.

    I went out for a couple of things yesterday and managed to spend £13.61 on food and a magazine, plus £20.14 on a magazine subscription when I got home = £33.75 in total. A much bigger spend than I'd planned, so I'll have to be really careful to minimise my spending this week.

    Have a good day all. xx
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  • Spiggle wrote: »

    Laisbojar do you include all of those items in your grocery challenge? DIY definitely doesn't come into ours and days out/activities would be a different budget too. No matter what, don't knock yourself out about it as it is the school hols after all.

    No, DIY and days out dont go in my grocery budget lolol I was just moaning about how much I spent during the weekend :o:o
    My grocery budget includes everything from fruits and veggie to toiletries, cleaning products and baby stuff. I need to update my sig and add the 20.00 I spent in my local shop tho :mad: lol
    Thanks for the support Spiggle :)
  • Gosh, finally caught up on the last 8 pages! As usual lots of very helpful advise and tips.

    Doom & Gloom - where do you get your vitamin c powder from? I used to use my breadmaker quite a bit but I have lost the reipe book that came with it so haven't bothered for a while but I remember that being one of the listed ingredients although I never used it cos I have never seen it anywhere.

    I am over target AGAIN! In some ways I don't know why I bother! We went away for the weekend to a friends cottage and at her request bought things on Friday for cooked breakfasts (which we don't normally bother with) as she was doing the main meals. Ended up spending £80 though in Tescos on bacon, sausages, eggs, mushrooms plus of course lots of other things.

    Have nearly run out of milk, bread & toilet rolls so OH is stopping in town on his way home from work cos I managed to pull a muscle in my bottom this morning getting into my car and it is very painful to walk!
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