August 2010 Grocery Challenge

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    Tesco delivery came today, got two substitutions 15 eggs for the price of 6 and posh cola instead of value!

    going to netto tomorrow as 4 tins of heinz beans and spaghetti are £1.49 each, muller corner yoghurts 6 for £1.25.

    were gonna overspend this month, dont know why but will.
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    Hi All!

    I went away to my parents this weekend so I've had a nice few days relaxing. Went out for lunch with my nan, and got a Sainsbu*ys meal deal for the coach trip (it cost £10 return instead of £48 return on the train! :eek:). Also topped up in Superdr*g getting some hair wax, shave gel and face wash on offer. Ended up spending £18.40 in total so I very much doubt I will meet my £80 will be a case of damage limitation now. The toiletries were needed since I had run out and they will last a month or so I suppose.

    On the other hand I did bring back some chorizo from my mum since she didn't like it, and some HM Caramelized red onion marmalade, and date and walnut loaf from my auntie :D

    Will go and catch up with the posts now and update signature :)
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    I've had a lovely weekend with my sister but bought far too much stuff! We went to the cash and carry yesterday as I wanted some chilli sauce. Well that turned into chilli sauce, soy sauce, a big tin of tomatoes, huge bag of teabags and some crisps :o Usually i'd count it all, but as it will last such a long time i've decided to split it. I've counted it as around £4.00 in total for this month (split across 4 months) - just need to remember to count it for the next 3 months too! It will probably last longer actually, but nevermind.

    Also spent £4.92 in Morrisons - 4 x shower gel and some sweets. I also spent around £6 on chocolate, but this won't be counted as it's a thank you for someone. One of my colleagues has been giving me a lift to work for the past 6 weeks as I haven't been able to drive, but he won't take any money for petrol (grr!) so asked me to make a donation to RNLI instead, which I will do, but I said I wanted to get him something...anything! So he settled on chocolate and when I am driving again (hopefully this week :D) I will return the favour.

    ALSO! £3.50 spent today on fruit and veg - for that I got a cucumber, lettuce, bag of tomatoes, bag of apples and a box of grapes, so not too bad.

    I think i'm pushing it a bit with my total this month, but will stick at it. I have loads of food in the freezer etc. so shouldn't need anything like that, but I know I do need toilet rolls and will need milk and fruit. Hmm!
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    gailey wrote: »
    Im planning xmas now as been foraging and want to make lots of food gifts so need more


    So maybe a suggestion for people planning for xmas pressies is

    count it as xmas budget not grocery and keep a running tally so you know how much extra stuff cost and work out unit cost its still much cheaper than buying in supermarket of farmshop.

    Or you could allocate extra 10-20quid within you figure to cover xmas extras.

    That list is exactly what I have been stocking up on :D
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    All getting ready for the cake baking and chutney making in the next month or 2

    I made a list of exactly what to buy and how much to get to not over buy what I need for all the things I am planning

    Good idea to add an extra £20-30 per month for these items

    Only alcohol left to buy is brandy, armagnac and masala then that's all I need for the HM pressy making items plus one for me each time :D
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  • Hi everyone,

    Really dont know where to start!
    This weekend has a been a total disaster... moneywise.
    I have overspent more than I can even explain. So, I had it all set, organized, in paper. 40.00 was my budget.. but ended up spending 130!!!!
    We went to the aqua park yesterday.. £9.80 for all of us to use the facilities. We are doing some DIY in our place, my husband had the brilliant idea of going to B*Q and we spent 50.00 there!! After the swimming, my sons begged for Pizza Hut and I gave in.. another 30.00. Another rainy day, and we took the kids to soft play.. another 20 pounds.. and I went to the local shop today.. and spend 20.00
    Ive already told them earlier.. we are not going out anymore until We get our next wages on sept 1st! And I am not touching the money Ive been saving.. its coming out of the weekend budget. I MUST BE FIRM!!! I MUST BE FIRM!!! :mad::mad:
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    Spent £18.36 today between Wilkinsons, Poundland and Asda. I was shocked when the total in Asda was almost £49.00, but calmed down when I remembered that I'd bought some clothes, towels, bath mats, scented candles, a box of lager and 2 bottles of Lambrini, all of which I won't have to count in the grocery budget, phew!
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    Didn't managed a NSD on Saturday but only put £2 onto the grocery budget so not that bad. Today was a NSD :cheesy: and we were treated to an extra special lunch at my dads yum!!
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    Hi everyone,
    I am up to £131.49 out of a budget of £150, I think I have everything I need until the end of the month except for some fruit, yogurt and milk, and some cola for OH. It is achievable, and I will achieve it...I will!!
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    hi NSD for me today grocery wise :j Took the kids down the beach but took packed lunch for us all which included cheese and bacon puffs that i baked last night :) spent a few quid on ice creams but wont include that in the budget so good day had by all :T
    I will lose 2 stone by this summer!!!!!!
  • I realised today that I'm about to run out of eggs so had to go down to the Co-op for those and some painkillers.

    Tomorrow is menu-plan and shopping-list day which is always fun :) I'm well stocked for whoopsied meat at the moment but I seem to be needing a lot of toiletries and cleaning things which is a bit annoying. I'm actually really looking forward to knowing how much I can spend and then cutting my coat to fit that cloth instead of it all being a stab in the dark.

    Will need to get petrol tomorrow which is unfortunate but the car's running on fumes and I need to drive a fair distance tomorrow morning to get to a meeting. I'm on a car fast at the moment (partly to help with weight-loss) so at least £10 of fuel will last for a goodish while.
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