Enzyme cleaners - where to buy???

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Hi all, does anyone know of a good brand of enzyme cleaner stuff for our kitchen - have almost got dog totally toilet trained now (thanks to the crate!!) but we really need to "de-toilet" the kitchen to stop her thinking its okay.

I've looked around online but most seem to be american and cost a fortune. Can anyone recommend any ones we can buy in the UK??

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    Simple solution, or biological washing powder.

    Simple is sold in PAH, some supermarkets and online (inc Ebay) We use it to de-pee our patio and it works wonders.
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  • can I ask?

    Is it the simple solution in the trigger spray and if so how do you use it on the patio to remove the odours? Do you dilute it at all?

    This has really excited me (sad I know!) as I have been trying to get rid of the urine smell on our patio for ages!

    Many Thanks for your help

    Lady M xx
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    Could you use white vinegar? Its a great natural disinfectant and as long as you can air well to let the chip shop smell dissappear it should completely neturalise the urine. I use it on all my bunnies hutches and litter trays.
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    Its the Simple solution in the big bottles. I guess it's the same as in the trigger spray but in larger quantities.
    We buy it per gallon on Ebay.
    We then dilute it (I think the measurements are on the bottle but we just chuck some in) in a watering can with hot water (It doesn't need to be hot but my theory is it kills germs) and 'water' the smelly areas.

    We let it dry there and have had no ill effects but of course always read the bottle! It really removes the pee smell, and we have a lot of pee smell to remove, with 2 female Great Danes!
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  • lisawood78lisawood78 Forumite
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    I couldn't use white vinegar, but then i'm highly allergic to it, darn it.
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    1001 pet stain and odour remover, it's a bright yellow trigger bottle. It also smells fantastic! Avaiable from wilkinsons, for a couple of pound. Or B&Q (at about double the price of wilko)

    Or biological washing powder diluted a little.
  • lisawood78lisawood78 Forumite
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    Ahh another Dane owner, trust us to know about odour removal :-)
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  • Ooo loads of answers, awesome! I'll have a look on ebay for Simple solution, with the biological washing powder, do you mean literally jsut washing powder like diluted??
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  • Definitely vinegar - used to very good result on Male cat spray and urine.... smell completely gone withiut even cleaning up the patch after I put vinegar on... and is "as cheap as chips" :rotfl:
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    I would use biological washing powder but I also use Mistral odourkill which comes in loads of lovely smells like bubblegum, mint and baby powder. It can be used inside or out and can be bought cheaply on ebay.
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