August 2010 Grocery Challenge

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    Hello :)

    I usually use 2 pots, a quarter of a cabbage 2 pieces of streaky half an onion and a good handful of grated cheese for two portions :)

    I am definitely a chuck it in and see type of cook! :rotfl:

    Ohhhhh, how I wish I was too, but I'm just hopeless at doing that....perhaps my talents lie elsewhere :huh: ...........nope.............nothing coming to mind.......I'll have to think on it :rotfl:

    Thanks very much for that wssla00 and I absolutley love the name Rumbledythumps :)
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  • Just back from my first shop of the rejigged budget and managed to spend £30.65 at Mr S from a budget of £30!
    The only extras I bought that weren't on the list were cinnamon swirls (56p), custard powder (24p) and crisps (55p) - coming to £1.35.
    I'll take this out of my pocket money for the week as they are treats and reduce the spend to £29.30
    I'm trying to just use cash so its easy enough to juggle the money.;)

    We may need milk later in the week but we have everything else we need (I think).
    We're away for part of next week (from next Saturday) so I'm not doing a shop - we'll have to live off what's in and the odd thing from the village shops for the few days we are around for.
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    Oh no. I completely forgot we have got family coming for dinner on Sunday so I've had to pop back to the shops to buy a meal/dessert to feed 5 adults and 2 children - another £13.66, I also doubled up one of my £5 vouchers for Mr T and got a months worth of nappies for 2 kids for 71p! I was so pleased with getting my main grocery shop for under my £85 budget (per week) but now I'm back over it again. Hopefully the savings on the nappies, plus I've froze the original meat I had bought for Sunday, will reduce next weeks shop and put me back on target again.
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    Been to spend £93.38. This leaves me with £131.62 until the end of the month. Happy with this:) I think I can do this! Another 18 days left to go...
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  • Hi everyone. Back from a week at my mum's. Spent £29 on groceries (included in my sig) while there, but came back with a cool bag full of goodies, including mince which I am planning to cook up with veggies and lentils etc.
    I am struggling with NSD's with it being the school holidays. However, my car broke down yesterday and although I am worried about how much it will cost to repair, at least it means no spur-of-the-moment trips to the shops - I will make do with what I have in the house and mayber ahieve some of those NSDs!
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    It's been a while since I last posted as I was away last weekend, but I've kept my receipts safe this week and am adding £47.95 for a small shop at Mr S and some little bits from 99p store and A!di.

    Hopefully we'll only need a few bits like milk and bread as the freezer is well stocked.
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    Just spent £25.25 on groceries online, but got a discount and also bought it from AF so it was all clearnance food/out of date stock anyway so i am well pleased! Have updated my siggy accordingly!
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    Popped into town this morning for rolls from the bakers so thats another two pounds, but saved a fair bit as we usually have a sausage roll and cake on a Saturday lunchtime, so by the time there are 4 of us and DGS that knocks it upto about another £10, but made soup last night and chocolate sponge this morning with some choc crispies which everyone seemed just as happy with. had to pop and buy some nappies and wipes for DGS as unfortunately we went away without them and needed to change him , so that was £5 not bargained for but they will be handy. I will update my figure again but I am quite pleased once I add Tesco shop and the £15 I should have about £150 for the next two weeks,
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  • Made my first spends of the month today. I needed something from the Pharmacy so got that then I ended up buying fizzy pop in WH Smith's to get the right change for the photo machine in Central Station. My passport's expired and I've a holiday planned for November ...

    I'm having lunch now and will then decide whether to bother going out again for the TV paper. I only watch it when I'm knitting and, to tell the truth, am not that fussed for it. So maybe I'll save my 50p!

    Hope you're all having a good weekend.
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    Help! We were away the 2nd week in Aug (most of) and I've lost track totally. My DH spends money on groceries and doesn't keep track of it. We didn't spend much on groceries while away but ate out a lot. What shall I do now? Give up and start again in Sept or work it out from bank statements what's been spent? Should I count the holiday eating out as groceries or not? Feeling all out of control....:eek:
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