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August 2010 Grocery Challenge

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  • greentgreent Forumite
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    greent wrote: »
    . I've also made 2 chocolate courgette cakes QUOTE]

    Yummy... sounds good!! is the recipie on here somewhere??

    350gm S/R flour
    1 tsp baking powder
    75gm cocoa powder
    1/2 tsp mixed spice (but I used just freshly grated nutmeg last time & a pinch of cinnamon)
    50gm dark choc (70% min), finely grated
    350gm caster sugar
    3 eggs
    175ml olive oil (can use sunflower)
    2 tsp vanilla essence
    500ml (by volume in a jug) of finely grated courgette (inc skin)
    Optional: 100gm chopped nuts (whatever sort you like)

    Mix dry ingredients in one bowl. Mix wet ingredients in another (inc courgettes). Combine wet and dry ingredients until just mixed together.

    Bake at 160degrees (fan) / 180degrees for approx 45-55minutes until skewer comes out clean.

    Quite a moist cake and not overly sweet. Keeps for quite a while (thanks to the oil, I believe)
    500ml grated courgette (by volume in a measuring jug)
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    angelatgracelandangelatgraceland Forumite
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    Garlic baguettes-My dd did these too-a different way-but depends if you like it strong and crispy! She sliced through lengthways-cut and crushed garlic cloves and spread them on top in ample amounts. Baked the bread as instructed on the packet. Rather strong and so yummy I could have stuffed myself on garlic baguettes all day. Any homemade version is far superior to anything readymade and after eating these I will never buy them ready done again. I think you will be a convert!
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    freakyogre wrote: »
    They sound yummy! Any chance of the recipe please?

    Lemon and Cranberry Muffins

    Mix 150g of plain flour with 50g sugar, 1/2 tsp of baking powder and a pinch of salt. Grate the zest of one lemon, and add, along with 75g of cranberries

    Melt 50g of butter and leave to cool.

    Beat an egg, add the juice of the lemon, and add 50 - 100mls of milk

    Mix the wet with the dry. Cook on 200c for 20 - 25 mins
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    Am feeling quite holy today because I did my first-ever online shop through my supermarket via quidco and actually managed to keep the price down PLUS I went onto Weezl's site and made this recipe for supper using onions from the garden, eggs from the hens, some ancient flour and even more ancient mustard powder and (admittedly quite a lot of) BOGOF cheddar. I don't think I could eat only what's on that site for a whole month, but I shall be dipping back in to pinch recipes as they have nice veggie-looking ones.

    Having spent practically the whole day running backwards and forwards to deal with farriers/unwilling horses/husband risking his life with very grumpy bees, I'll update my signature tomorrow - wish I could say I've had some NSDs, but you can't have everything. Investment in the future, that's the word...
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    I've made that Onion Tart twice now, and although I know one shouldn't blow ones own trumpet - it's one of the damned finest things I've ever eaten! :D A fabulous Weezl recipe!

    I'd also love to eat more recipes from the site, but my family are too fussy.

    I've bought the flour and the yeast to give the No Knead Bread a go, but can't quite build myself up to making it, as I only want to make one loaf which would require quantity adjustments and I'm a bit concerned if wont come out right....still, I suppose I won't know if I don't try :)

    The Carrot Cake is lush by the way - and so very simple.
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    I was hoping saturday would be a nsd but no chance after a bad day (washing machine decided to flood the kitchen again this time though i had 2 little helpers to chuck towels on floor i think they actualy thought it was fun ..if only)I had to get milk the milk i'd got from shop by us had gone sour so i thought i might as well see if i could get any of the thigs for next week today while I was there I ended up spending a total of £38.87 which brings my spend total so far to £68.24 leave £51.76 to end of month good job i'monly counting food I dread to think what my total would be with cleaning and toiletries i'm so glad I did over buy those items when on offer must get total down though as non-food stuff won't last forever
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    Have managed not to do much grocery shopping so far. I do have rather a large stock of discounted food in the pantry and also the freezer is full to the brim. I am very thankful for this being so.

    Depending if AF has any good offers on next week, i will probably not do any supermarket shopping so hopefully i am goign to stay on target for this month like i did last month. Here's to a good month for us all :beer:
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  • Hello everyone, I haven't posted on here for ages and I sort of lost the plot at the end of June which carried on into July. Hoping to be back on track for August. I am keeping my budget the same although I did wonder if I would spend more with it being school holidays. However, we had a fantastic (and fantastically cheap) holiday the first week and the lack of packed lunches to buy for seems to be keeping my costs down so far. Fingers crossed!
    So, rather belatedly, could I be put down for £500 for August.
    Only going for 6 NSD's this month as they seem harder to achieve with the kids off!

  • Good morning everyone,
    at last the sun is shining this morning so washing machine will be on all day and hopefully washing will be able to dry outside.
    Was given potatoes, cabbage and red and white onions from brother's allotment yesterday. Have just finished using onions he gave me last year. Hung them in pairs of old tights in cupboard under the stairs and they lasted for a whole year.
    So dinner today is pork steaks, cabbage, potatoes and gravy.
    If weather holds will spend some time in garden today. Need to do some weeding and I am also harvesting some seeds.
    Gardens are lovely this time of year. Have a beautiful display of lavender I cut from garden in my front room and it smells heavenly also large vase of crocosmia in kitchen. I love fresh flowers and often buy them in shops but at this time of year the garden provides all I need so that is another little saving.
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  • Well I had a good week 5 NSD, spending only the once on milk...Until I lost control yesterday:o

    Popped into Home and bargains for some Stardrops and sandwich bags and ended up spending £17.78! Ok most of it I needed, and some of it will balance against what I will spend later(ie Oxo Cubes, Quavers etc, but it was a shock when it came to that much!

    Then I let myself down further. I was too tired to cook, didn't fancy anything in the freezer, so OH said order a Pizza..I resisted but said I'll pop out I'll pick up a couple of frozen ones...Corner shop was closed so ended up in Tesco buying BBQ Ribs, Dips & Pitta Bread and a bucket of Southern style Chicken... another £10.79 gone! :o

    The ribs and dips were more than enough so we saved the Chicken for lunch today, so still better value than a takeaway...

    I WILL take a list to the supermarket later. This challenge really does make me think twice, normally I wouldn't have even a twinge over something like this and then wonder where all my money has gone!


    I'll update my sig now.
    Right now I'm having amnesia and deja- vu at the same time. I think I've forgotten this before
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