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Oxtail Soup

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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Debras_AngelDebras_Angel Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Old Style MoneySaving
Does anyone else use Oxtail Soup in casseroles and chilli.

Have to be honest and say I use a tin but you could use homemade.

I use it instead of tomatoes or gravy granules in various dishes.

It's good for stewing steak, chilli mince, sausages and all manner of red meat dishes.

It's quick and easy and you only need to add the herbs and ingredients.

It gives a lovely flavour, it's especially good with square sausages and onions (scottish). Another one is sausage meat wrapped in thin frying steak and done in oxtail soup in a casserole in the oven.

Most people I've served it to love the flavour and have no idea what it is.

Cheers Debs


  • harrie_2harrie_2 Forumite
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    yes i have used it tin soup never done it for a while
    but i use mulligatawny soup as well that flavours things well

    tin soup is a good cupboard store food always find use for it
  • Harrie what do you use it with?


  • harrie_2harrie_2 Forumite
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    i used it top of the cooker in stew you have to add water mince veg
    potatoes any meat do......drop dumplings in.......invented it when we went well with corned beef....just keep having a taste
    and ajust seasoning..........we used to camp on a budget..with 3 kids
    every thing out of a tin.....bulk it out with veg hope that helps :j
  • I make a lamb casserole with it. Now I'm not sure how expensive it works out as I am new to this serious money saving (where as before I was careful sometimes!)

    I add it to diced lamb steaks, musrooms and onions voila!

  • kemo_2002kemo_2002 Forumite
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    I recenlty stayed in a Guest house in sunny skeggy, and on there menu was oxtail soup, ive never eaten this before, did look particulary appertising, just a dark bown soup. However it was llllllovely!!!!


    I decided to buy a tin of heinz oxtail soup....


    It didnt taste at all like what I tried and especially didnt like the bits of carrots floating around.

    Surely this must have been homemade that a tried on the guest house?

    Does anyone know how i can go about replecating it myself, not bits and bobs just plain oxtail soup.

  • kymbogskymbogs Forumite
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    First you'll need an ox...and an axe.
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    horsechestnuthorsechestnut Forumite
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    edited 4 August 2010 at 4:27PM
    It is quite expensive to make . Don't worry you don't need an axe and an Ox; many supermarkets sell Ox Tail pre- packed.
    1 Kilo Ox Tail
    1 Tin plum Tomatoes
    2 Carrots
    4 Sticks Celery
    1 Onion (optional)
    Salt & Pepper to taste.
    500 ml Water

    All measurements are approximate; as with all soups, adjust to your own tastes.

    Brown the Ox Tail in a pan, followed by the fresh veg, then the tomatoes. Add about 500ml Water.
    Put in a covered casserole dish in the oven on a low heat (gas 3/ 170o) for 4 hours, or until the meat is very soft.
    You can eat it at this point if you want it as a casserole. But it is best left overnight for the flavours to develop and heated the next day.
    If you want soup, then take the meat off the bones, remove fat and either put through a blender if you like a thick soup, adding enough water to give a soup consistency, or if you like a chunky soup then just add water to your taste.
    Adjust seasoning to taste.

    Some people like to add a little sherry (they often do this in posh hotels, but i prefer it without.)
  • kemo_2002kemo_2002 Forumite
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    hmmm thanks for the info, looks a bit tricky, does anyone know what other brands of oxtail soup are nice, obviously i dont like heinz, too many bits!!

  • pssopsso Forumite
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    I don`t like the Heinz oxtail, but I quite like the Lidl`s one.
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  • u751904u751904 Forumite
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    I attempted an ox tail / stew / soup the other day. I couldn't eat it to be honest it was really too fatty for me. Any hints on making it more palletable please?
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