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    If you want happiness for an hour, take a nap. If you want happiness for a day, go fishing. If you want happiness for a month, get married. If you want happiness for a year, inherit a fortune. If you want happiness for a lifetime, help someone else.

    That is lovely xxxxxx

    Shame some people seem to go through life miserable and wish to spread that feeling, far better to take a leaf out of toniq's book and spread some joy xxxxxx

    easter, you stay exactly as you are, you don't need to explain yourself to anyone although I totally understand why you would want to xxxxxx
  • What a beautiful thing to do, I really do believe that these people make the world a better place, an act of kindness can make such a difference to someone's life.
    Hoping to get money smart enough to avoid working full time and paying extortionate money to a stranger for the privilege of enjoying my two beautiful children for 40+hrs a week until my son is 3 and my daughter starts school in 2012 :D
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    Lovely that it featured in the blog and has a seperate thead away from the comping board. Toniq is such a lovely lady and her generosity doesn't surprise me at all. :)
  • Four years ago I was burgled.. They took almost EVERYTHING what they couldn't take they ruined! I'm a single working mum who could not afford insurance. The police told me that it was not safe to stay in the house (we had evidence it was a drug taking neighbour that had committed the offence). I had returned from church and become homeless.
    Some people from our church (who i didn't know more than to say hi to), invited me and my children to stay with them. The council were not prepared to rehouse us as we officially still had our house (even though it was not safe to live in).
    After a leap of faith I handed my keys to the burgled house back to the housing association and (officially) made myself homeless!!! This means the council had no obligation to re-home us.
    Four weeks later a very kind police man who attended on the day of the burglary stepped in and gave evidence to the council. ***He got demoted for over stepping his job description!!!
    By this time I was in debt up to my ears trying to keep it together, paying the kind people who put us up, for storage of my bed and large furniture that had been too big for them to steal, rebuying clothes etc that had been stolen or ruined...
    Finally, after letters from my pastor and the local councillor the council relented and provided a house.
    The house was in a terrible state..
    Somebody who I didn't know, had heard about my family and offered to pay to carpet our house and paid off my debts!!!!!! Better still they became a family friend and we tell them all the time how grateful we are.
    All they wanted in return was the odd meal and phone call..
    What a blessing in disguise... four new friends!!!
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    I as much as I couldn't afford to do that I have always tried to make the world a better place in my own way.

    Locally I am the official camera man for a local school and church, I always produce DVDs at cost to which the school or church make a profit. The last DVD took my 30 hours in time and resulted in sales of 65 DVDs which raised £260 for the school and made a lot of children happy.

    All I ask is that the children know I do it for nothing and pay me back in kindness, if I do something nice for them for nothing then they should do something nice for somebody else for nothing. How many of them do is questionable.

    I suppose if we all did a little for nothing the world would be a much better place.
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    always good to read a story like this.
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    good to read about humanity when there is so much depravity in the world
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    what a lovely thing to do! I wish more people in the world were like that
    Aug £10 a day £0/£1000
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    What a lovely thread. The stories are lovely, and it is nice when you hear about somebody doing something so genuine and self-less. This year, I resolved to do something every month for charity, at the moment I am organising my company's participation in the Macmillan Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning. One girl at work (who I had never met) was doing a raffle for something else and in reply to her round robin email selling tickets, I bought a couple of strips then asked her about the prizes, where she'd got them from etc... I wanted some tips on places to write to for prizes for my own raffle running alongside the coffee morning. She was so sweet and offered me plenty of excellent advice, then, know what she did? She brought me a lovely bottle of wine in to raffle, just off her and I don't even know her!

    I almost cried, we've struck up a bit of a friendship too now. Things like that (few and far between, if isolated in one's lifetime), and this board of stories, make me believe there's still good, kind, generous people out there.

    If, like me, you're a sucker for stories like this, read Chicken Soup for the Soul (free e-books galore online).

    Have a lovely Sunday xx
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    easter65 wrote: »
    Toni650....I can understand you may feel that way and that is your viewpoint and I wont be commenting any more as I would hate this lovely thread to turn nasty by someone who has only joined MSE this month..
    I spent as I said 26 years caring for mom mom on carers allowance of just over 46p per hour. Yes my choice but she was crippled with Parkinsons and eventually Dementia and went into care the year before she passed away, I had also cared for my nan and grandad. One crippled with arthritus and one Completely bedridden at the same time which meant i was washing and caring for them also while having my children. my husband was also caring with me and when i lost mom he did HGV course. We had struggled and struggled because we had no wage coming in only Invalid care allowance made up with income support at the time. My husband lost all overtime a long time back and yes we are on tax credits (for 3 children not 5) but his wage is believe it or not around £80 over each year so i cant get free school meals or any help..other than that.
    My children are not all young so i dont get tax credits for all of them..my sons are 23 and 21..one doesnt live at home and he works full time ...Eldest is doing a masters course at university for which he has a £10,000 debt to pay off for his furthering his education...his choice although i'm very proud and he will pay it back.
    I'm sorry this is long and prob a bit boring but i'm a very proud person and would never take handouts, hence the emotion i felt when i rec'd Toni's gift. :o

    Don't ever justify yourself to anyone. I work full time and earn £22k a year. I live with my Mum at the moment and because of stupid mistakes I made in the past, I am in a lot of debt - I have around £50 per month left out of my wages once I pay everything out (£1300 on debts and paying my way sucks!), so I am pretty much 'struggling financially'. And to the onlooker I should be pretty affluent because of my salary and role.

    You know there's only one person you should ever justify yourself to and that's you, if you don't like what you see then that's down to you to change it - the rest of the world can go and whistle.

    Put it this way, luv, if I had an old laptop I'd give you it you seem genuine and lovely so V's up to the rest of the world who can't spot a good, kind deed when it jumps up and bites their backside xx
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