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Hi, So hubby and i have taken the plunge and stopped paying our IVA, Secured Loan and Mortgage to save the funds to move out into rented accomodation and for bankruptcy fees. Once we have this we will ring for a date in court to go along and hopefully be made bankrupt (scary but in some way will be a relief).
What I was wondering is should we open a new bank account with the co-op before or after bankruptcy? As i understand it all accounts will be frozen and I will of course need access to our wages to pay bills etc and live (we have two children also and they always need something!) so I dont want to open a new account and arrange for our wages to into it if it will be frozen also.
Any advice please.


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    Hi Cissie, I would open your coop cashminder account now unless you live in Brighton for some reason the OR keeps the accounts there frozen x
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    Yes, Cissie - I would open your Coop account now and have all the direct debits you want to keep moved to that account. I opened my Coop account 5 months before my BR and didn't have any problems. As Wishes says above, if you live in the Brighton area the ORs there tend to want all pre-BR accounts closed.

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