all that worry for nothing

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Hi everyone,hope your all ok. Hubby went to county court on monday,about ccj and charge on the house. Incasso(the debt agency) want to up our monthly payments from £87pm to £250pm,we were prepared to go up to £120. The cccs explained what would happen,basically incasso would do everything to recoup threr for the past month me and hubby have been crapping ourselves. Anyway monday morning came,and at 11 oclock hubby went in,at 11.04 hubby came out...grinning from ear to ear. The judge took one look at the paper work and said it would take 25 years for us to pay the debt,so what difference would another couple of years make,and,she REDUCED the monthly payments,our house is in neg eq,so fat chance of them getting anything there,told hubby to stop worrying and to get on with the rest of his life. I dont underestimate the seriousness of a ccj,or a charge on our house,the bottom line is there are people out there who re ally want to help.
I had my first proper nights sleep for a long time.

Keep all your chins up!:)


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