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MSE is complicit in Disability / Welfare Hatred.

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  • lucylucky wrote: »
    Not having had to report anyone (yet!!) do MSE get back to you in anyway to justify their (in)action?

    I stopped reporting people in the past, as no action seemed to be ever taken, they never justified or got back on any report I made.

    The pp'rd poster has said he has reported multiple times in the past, but the abuse continued, so obviously no action was ever taken.

    Only when the ppr'd person finally snaps, is action taken - and then against the person that snapped - NOT the people that drove them to snapping in the first place.

    This site is actively encouraging this disgraceful behaviour, and Im sorry martin, but your response was woefully inadequate, as can be seen by the ppr'ing of a poster who has tried your methods.
    [greenhighlight]but it matters when the most senior politician in the land is happy to use language and examples that are simply not true.
    The impact of this is to stigmatise people on benefits,
    and we should be deeply worried about that
    [/redtitle](house of lords debate, talking about Cameron)
  • jellyheadjellyhead Forumite
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    What would you prefer from martin? closing down all the discussion parts of the website?
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  • jellyheadjellyhead Forumite
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    cit_k wrote: »
    Only when the ppr'd person finally snaps, is action taken - and then against the person that snapped - NOT the people that drove them to snapping in the first place.

    But why does anyone 'snap'? A rant full of swear words is ugly and offensive, and there's no need for it no matter some stranger has tapped on their keyboard.

    It was the language and tone used that got wishface PPR'd, not any kind of 'siding with the bullies'.

    It's not typical of wishface - I thanked a lot of his/her posts recently and thought he/she made intelligent, compassionate posts. I hope the financial situation improves fast because wishface seems to be very stressed :( There's still no excuse for a foul-mouthed rant though :(
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    MozetteMozette Forumite
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    edited 30 July 2010 at 10:42PM
    cit_k wrote: »
    Breeding Ground for Hate - Continued.

    In response to Martins post.

    As you can see, from this thread

    Nothing has changed, and reporting to abuse has proven futile for one poster.

    It appears, you if a victim, can report to abuse, but the victim can be driven past breaking point, till the snap, and what happens, its not the people that CAUSED that to happen that are PPR'd - no its the victim.

    I regard that thread as a example of a hate *crime*, and MSE complicit in the crime.

    Its NOT ACCEPTABLE for this to go on, its illegal behaviour as far as I am concerned, and the site was warned.

    How long is this going to go on for? Until someone commits suicide at the hands of MSE users and the abuse team perhaps.....

    Did you actually read and understand Martin Lewis' post at the end of your last thread?

    Report the 'crime' to the Police - and do let us know what they say.... not.

    Actually Quasar's post on the subject says it better than I can
    Quasar wrote: »
    One of the first things to come to terms with, with regard to the internet, is that people post anonymously by hiding behind usernames, which is necessary of course to protect one's true identity, but precisely because of this some immature individuals see their chance to give vent to the nasty, mean side of their nature and respond to others in a way they would never dare do to their faces. Some others are just nasty to anyone anywhere.

    We cannot choose who responds to a thread and to our posts, but that is no reason to feel powerless and helpless in the face of abuse and/or catty remark. One can choose to ignore these people, or one can choose to respond and escalate the unpleasantness. The choice is ours and ours alone.

    Reporting abuse is all very well, but ultimately the user has the option to allow someone to upset them, or just walk past. Besides, not responding to abuse (or granting a very limited response) is far more effective and earns respect for not contributing to a slanging match.
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    MSE_MartinMSE_Martin MoneySaving Expert
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    edited 30 July 2010 at 11:32PM
    I am very sorry you feel this way.

    I am also very sorry you have chosen "not to report" abuse issues. Without it - we can't do anything.

    Trying to decide what is abuse or not takes the wisdom of solomon - we try are best to get it right.

    I haven't read through the thread - that is for my abuse team when it is reported.

    Yet from scanning the start it seems to be a discussion about benefits on teh day the government have announced the biggest shake up of benefits for years

    I am sure many people there have views I personally find abhorrent - yet if I only had a forum of things I agree with I would be the only person allowed to post. I see posts on here about benefits that I fundamentally disagree with but are you actually saying we should stop discussion on it? Becaue that is the only way to prevent people who have strongly felt anti-benefits views posting.

    For this reason I specifically banned benefits discussion from the benefits board. And this discussion is in the discussion board - not the benefits board. They aim is to take the policy issues away from the practical ones - to allow the benefits baord to function as well as is possible - so those who want to vent careless of the impact on individuals can do so.

    I think your view is blinkered to the reality of how we run as site.

    There is only one way for me to ensure no anti-benefits views that may upset people are never posted on this forum and that is to shut the entire forum.

    Please go look at every newspaper site, every political party site, every web forum, and mroe and you will see similar views. Many of the population hold them - and I dont believe I have a monopoly on correct opinion even though I don't. However what I won't do is have my forum be a place where individuals are abused - that is what we try and protect.

    We cannot and will not police opinion though we will ensure there are no abusive comments.

    Yet what is abuse for some e.g. "we give too many scroungers benefits" is seen by others as a valid comment

    Neither my abuse team nor I have the wisdom of solomon - we try our best to allow free flowing discussion within bounds. Though there are as many people as vehement that we are over censorious as you are that we are not censorious enough.

    So from reading the post above it seems to me you have two options.

    1. Stay on the forums, enjoy them, don't respond to the trolls but report them to [email protected] rather than complaining in threads like this which exacerpate differences and understand that this is a broad church and the internet allows some people anonymity to express unpleasant but not abusive opinions.
    2. Don't use the forums any more

    I have asked abuse to look at the thread you have reported - as you know we aim to respond within two working days. Next time please report it to [email protected] rather than complaining like this.


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