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Hi all

There used to be a thread about random stuff you could sell on Ebay but I cant find it?!!

Would really like to earn a few extra pennies but not sure how, figured I'd give ebay a go but when I looked I didnt have anything worth selling!!!

Also can you be an Avon representative and not throw parties, I dont think I'd be able to but would like to do solely catalogue?!

Thanks in advance!
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    I believe you can just do Brochures, i know a few Avon reps that definately don't do parties and just service the roads they are given.
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    Never done a party in 6.5 years & I have a small but good Avon business. So, catalogues through doors plus selling to friends & familiy works just fine.
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    You can also sell AVON products on ebay, although they don't sell for much.
  • i used to be an avon rep and only sold to friends/family and work friends x
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    It won't let me post a link because I'm a newbie but if you go to the 'Who wants to buddy up?!' thread on this same forum, you should find the link for the Ebay thread you are looking for on the last page on there.

    I recently just read it myself and there are loads of things on here that you wouldn't believe would sell!
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