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Budget - tougher for DLA claimants

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Disability Money Matters
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  • AputsiaqAputsiaq Forumite
    313 posts
    Trialia wrote: »
    Very true.

    (I may have half this thread on ignore, but the comments I'm seeing quoted really are getting up my nose - which obviously meant I was right to put certain people on ignore! ;))

    I want to respectfully ask......why do you feel the need to say, on many many occasions, that you have "so many people on ignore"?

    Why is it that you constantly say "I obviously cant see all the posts but what I do see is blah blah blah"?

    Either people are on your ignore list or they arent. We are not that bothered one way or another.
    But when you constantly mention it, its as though you dont have ANY one on ignore.....but you think you need to say something to that effect so we dont think your lying.

    I mean really....whats the point?
  • AputsiaqAputsiaq Forumite
    313 posts
    sh1305 wrote: »
    That's disgusting. There is currently no treatment for either of my sight problems; but I would rather live a normal life and do things that people my own age do, than have extra money due to disability.
    Colour blindness is not a disability, whether it is cureable or not
  • AputsiaqAputsiaq Forumite
    313 posts
    Who are you to tell people that are disabled not to have children :mad:?!

    If they feel they are up to it and their doctor/specialist believe it is safe/okay to do so it is none of you business. Disabled people can be just as good parents as those that are not disabled. I can't believe how predujice you can across sometimes although I should be used to it by now.

    O v e r r e a c t i o n MUCH!
  • AputsiaqAputsiaq Forumite
    313 posts
    jimbms wrote: »
    I think the qestion was meant for a realistic situation as in real life not some lefty social worker who has never had childrens PC ideal on paper.
    Yes, I read the thread, thank you. I know what context she was asking the question.
  • AputsiaqAputsiaq Forumite
    313 posts
    sh1305 wrote: »
    I suggest you look up Nystagmus and Leber's Optic Atrophy. Neither of them can be corrected by glasses. The damage done by leber's is permanent and can't be controlled. The issues I have with Nystagmus can't be controlled. Yes, some of the secondary problems (squint, astgimatism, etc) can be controlled; but the eye movement can't be.

    I have NEVER claimed for myopia. (mine is mild)

    If you claim they can be controlled, please tell me where this evidence is and contact Nystagmus Network and tell them that they're liars and none of them know what they're talking about? Oh sorry, you can't.
    I do not know what your eye conditions are as I have never seen you mention them other than myopia and colour blindness.
    But, you have mentioned other things, which are what I was referring to. mobility problems, pain, unable to bend etc etc.
    Again, you are jumping on what you THINK is being said rather than understanding what is being said.
  • AputsiaqAputsiaq Forumite
    313 posts
    sh1305 wrote: »
    DLA has nothing to do with work.

    If what you're saying is true, why are there so many stories in the media about people defrauding the system?
    Are you incapable of understanding what people write?

    I know perfectly well that DLA has nothing to do with work.
    And your last point reinforces mine. Exactly that...there are so many people defrauding the system....and that is why its being tightened.
  • AputsiaqAputsiaq Forumite
    313 posts
    sh1305 wrote: »
    You are so ignorant, it's unbelievable!
    How does commenting on the fact that all these people who are in all this constant pain always seem to be able to write so well make me ignorant?
  • Aputsiaq wrote: »
    Not I nor Kriss nor Older....or anyone else that has an opposing view could be classed as rude.

    All the opinions we hold are valid....they are given and backed up with facts......and none resort to name calling.

    The only ones I see that are rude, are the Pro benefit people who are constantly trying to put us down with posts such as yours.

    Why do you feel the need to be so nasty....so spiteful?

    To call someone a "harridan"....selfish and to pity her 'poor' husband is way too personal!

    My husband fell about laughing when I read some of these posts out to him. But I agree that they are actually abusive. Funny isn't it how those who really have no debating skills always resort to insults in the end.
  • _shel_shel Forumite
    3.1K posts
    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Name Dropper Photogenic
    Aputsiaq wrote: »
    No they are not!
    Disability claimants have not been tarred with any kind of brush.
    What has been said is that the work shy will not be able to hide behind disability thinking that they will not be found out, because now, with the new rulings, they most certainly will!

    Totally agree and yes I know that DLA has nothing to do with working!

    As a disabled person I am fed up of people, so many of them, taking advantage of a system that was designed to support disabled people.

    Making notes of symptoms and side effects, claiming incapability yet at the same time being proven to be very capable of what they claim their 'condition' wont allow them to do! In effect hiding behind me and every other disabled person who does experience difficulties!

    I hope they get all they deserve when these medicals catch them out. I still believe those with genuine disabilities wont have anything to fear as this is barely a change.
    Don't Buy The S*n
  • Former_MSE_AlanaFormer_MSE_Alana Former Editorial Assistant
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    Hi folks,

    We are closing this thread due to resource issues.

    Please remember to be nice to other MoneySavers
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