Edible Xmas gifts that can be made well in advance.....



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    elainem10 wrote: »
    How long do chutneys/jams last for? I found a recipe for a cherry tomato and sweet chilli jam that I would like to try but don't want to end up poisoning anyone.
    Well to give you an idea, we're still eating a plum chutney made a year and a half ago (my boyfriend's mother makes a lot!).

    I made this chutney last year (first chutney I've ever made!) and it's very easy: bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/2646/classic-apple-chutney

    I don't think they're hard really, just take a bit of time.
  • Can I join please!
    I am hoping to have an organised and money saving Christmas this year!

    The chutney recipe looks gorgeous, will be giving that a try.

    I did make a strawberry jam this week, I nearly threw them out as they were going a little soft, I'm so glad I didn't, the Jam is gorgeous!
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    hi can i join in with this one please! i'm making alot of hampers this year and decided to make the goodies inside! I'm making some cream tea hampers for people some mix of goodies and all sorts! so far I have rhubarb and ginger jam, three types of chutney and about to make cherry jam this week and hopefully strawberry jam and a little mango chutney!
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    Can I join too please.... not content with making nappy cakes, sock monkeys, cross stitching gift tags or hand making christmas card I've now decided to make home made hampers complete with jams / chutney :)

    Do you need to have special pans or thermometers? I'm a complete foodie novice - I literally burn water, lol
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    babyshoes wrote: »
    Jams are surprisingly easy and you could go to a 'pick your own' farm to get the fruit.
    Candied orange/lemon peel - make now, store in airtight container and dip into chocolate closer to the time.
    'Canned' Fruit / veg.
    Fruit / elderflower cordial
    What about making cookie dough and freezing it formed into shape on wax paper? Just need to bake them the day before.
    Mince pies would probably freeze un-cooked, again to bake the day before so they are fresh.
    Dry 'mixes' would probably last well enough.

    Hmmmm, what else..... fudge, toffee, honeycomb, chocolatey things etc might go funny especially if it stays hot, best to do those just beforehand.

    You've got some good ideas about freezing cookie dough or uncooked mince pies for Christmas, I've never considered doing that.

    I wouldn't mind making doing this with gingerbread so at the last moment it can be cooked, and decorated with icing and a hole put in each biscuit, so they can be edible ornaments.
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    I just remembered about this recipe (also from MSE) - cheat's Ferrero Rocher

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    I have been gathering supplies for a few chocolates - which I'll make much closer to Christmas. But I finally have proper moulds this year (not just rolling truffles - but they're good too!!). And I found a bottle of Honey Rum from the Canaries, that I don't think we are ever going to drink - that I will put with fresh cherries this week to preserve them (and then put the cherries into the middle of chocs in Dec - or perhaps late Nov for those).

    I have jars of green tomato chutney from 4 years ago which are still great (serious glut that year). This year, I am planning on onion marmalade, chilli jam, and apple chutney. I also usually put a few alcoholic beverages aside in season - raspberries in vodka, limoncello, sloe gin - and I am planning on chilli vodka this year, and perhaps another batch of vanilla vodka.

    And I have just made redcurrant jelly, I have blackcurrants for jam, I expect to have gooseberries for jam when I go to plot later today. And I will probably get apples for jelly later in the year too, and blackberries for jam or jelly too (still using last year's blackberry and apple jam, which is a tasty combination!!).
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    Ooooh this is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for! My OH is into home brewing now and is making booze for xmas but I wanted to use the fruits of our garden to create gift (already made edible bouquets for people) and this could be ideal. What could I do with rhubarb as I have loads of that!
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    Winged One - I've never heard of onion marmalade - what do you eat it with?
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    :xmastree:171 days until Christmas! Just to let you all know!!
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