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    I agree, my personal balance sheet is looking a bit grim, but I am in this for the long haul. As crazy as this sounds, I'm happy to service a huge debt mountain if it means keeping my current house; I've been doing it for the last 5-6 years so I'm pretty used to it. Doing as you have suggested (e.g. renting and paying off my debts) is certainly a consideration if all else fails.

    I went on moneysupermarket.com and that came up with about 18 products, most of which were with The Post Office. The best of these is detailed below:
    • Provider: Post Office Mortgages
    • Actual cost over 2 years: £25,552.72
    • Initial Interest Rate: 5.45% then 3.49%
    • Initial Monthly Payment: £1,050.53
    • Mortgage Type: Fixed
    • Until: 31/07/2012
    • Overall Cost For Comparison: 3.9%
    I haven't progressed this further yet. How do people rate Post Office Mortgages?

    What's the current rate of interest you are paying?
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  • Currently paying 5.63% until May 2012, whereupon I assume it will revert to Nationwide's SVR.
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