Edible Xmas gifts that can be made well in advance.....

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Hi Guys,

I'm trying to get ahead with a xmas food hamper but I need stuff that can be made well in advance of xmas. Every year I've thought about a hamper for my mum but with all the other stuff going on before xmas I always run out of time!!

I get 6 weeks off in the summer so anything that could be made then and put away would be idea:jl!!! Not sure if there is anything that can be kept for four/fives months:D!!! BTW, nothing alcoholic, thanks! A bit of booze in food is okay but mum doesn't drink!

Thanks in advance!

Anna x
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  • anna_p86anna_p86 Forumite
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    Chutneys! they need at least 2 months to mature. Infact the longer you leave them the better (within reason!)
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    i 2nd the chutneys
    i made 2 different ones for our hampers last year
    tomato & onion, and sweetcorn relish

    they went down really well
    esp the sweetcorn relish as its a bit different to what people normally make or buy
  • LJMLJM Forumite
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    i dont think its too early for the xmas cakes is it?
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  • CupOfChaiCupOfChai Forumite
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    Christmas pud? ;)
  • nikki2804nikki2804 Forumite
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    What about the syrups for putting into coffees/hot chocolates?
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    I would love to make chutney has anyone got any simple (and i mean simple!) receipes i could try.

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  • babyshoesbabyshoes Forumite
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    Jams are surprisingly easy and you could go to a 'pick your own' farm to get the fruit.
    Candied orange/lemon peel - make now, store in airtight container and dip into chocolate closer to the time.
    'Canned' Fruit / veg.
    Fruit / elderflower cordial
    What about making cookie dough and freezing it formed into shape on wax paper? Just need to bake them the day before.
    Mince pies would probably freeze un-cooked, again to bake the day before so they are fresh.
    Dry 'mixes' would probably last well enough.

    Hmmmm, what else..... fudge, toffee, honeycomb, chocolatey things etc might go funny especially if it stays hot, best to do those just beforehand.
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  • May I join in? Last year my little sister gave me a wonderful basket full of goodies she had made herself, it contained rhubarb chutney, green tomato chutney, red onion marmalade, runner bean chutney, chilli jam and a box of home made truffles! The chilli jam was a HUGE hit, had to hide it from everyone! It wasn't too hot and just the best with cheese on toast. If you want the recipes most of them are of the good food website, apart from the rhubarb and truffles. In fact now is about the time to start droppping hints:)
  • kms26kms26 Forumite
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    Can i join too please? Would jam be any good especially as there is so many in season now?
  • elainem10elainem10 Forumite
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    How long do chutneys/jams last for? I found a recipe for a cherry tomato and sweet chilli jam that I would like to try but don't want to end up poisoning anyone.
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