changing savings account any ideas


Have currently about £3000 savings in a Halifax variable web saver am due to get interest on it on 10th of July and am thinking of moving it to a different account. This account is only paying 0.25% interest. I hope to add to this money but not sure I want to tie it in long term as may need it to move house in future.

Any ideas of better account with good service



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    If you are happy to stay with Halifax, their Web Saver Extra pays 2.6% (2.8% if you bank with them) and allows one withdrawal a year without penalty.

    Alternatively take a look at or Both pay 2.8% with no limit on withdrawals.

    If you've not used your cash ISA allowance, consider Halifax Direct ISA Reward at 2.6% if you wish to stay put, or investigate C&G or Nationwide who allow more withdrawals and pay a fraction of a per cent more.
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    Thanks for the information would prob want to be able to withdraw more than once a year in case of emergency
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