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Fined in a free parking zone for vehicle class!

This weekend I visited Worthing seafront and parked in a FREE parking zone. The ONLY signage was the traditional blue "P" symbol with a black outline of a car. No wording at all.

Having just parked there 2 traffic wardens were walking up the road so I stopped and said to them "I've just parked over there (pointing), can I just check they're free parking zones and not time limted?". I was told "Yes, you can park there free all day.".

Later in the day I came back to find a parking ticket for £70!!!

The reason stated is "incorrect vehicle classification". Now what I should point out is that I have a small volkswagen van which has been converted into a leisure vehicle for day trips and occasional camping. It's exactly the same body shape as their people carrier model which is based on the van I own. My "van" is actually fitted with side windows, rear seats and even a bike rack on the back! It has NO signwriting as it's a leisure vehicle and definitely NOT a commercial vehicle.

Obvious question; based on the conversation with the traffic wardens, street signage not saying "no vans" and more importantly my vehicle clearly not being a commercial vehicle do I have grounds to dispute the ticket?


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    Yes appeal on the basis that your vehicle is taxed as a private/light goods and is a private passenger vehicle. Also mention that you double checked with the CEO when you parked.
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    And have a look at this recent thread on which features a PCN from Worthing:

    The posters there have found fault with the wording of the Worthing PCN so that's another point of appeal to add in, assuming your PCN is the same. Flaws with PCN wording are a really strong appeal as Councils never want to risk allowing appeals based on the wording of their PCNs to be scrutinised by an adjudicator. The implications are too much for all other PCNs as you would imagine.

    If you need more advice and an explanation of what the posters mean by the posts they have made, start your own thread on pepipoo (don't reply on that thread). Attach pics of the front & back of the PCN - hosted on tinypic as per the forum rules 'how to post pictures' here:

    And if you are not local, try to find the place you parked on Google Street View and let pepipoo posters have a look at the signs & lines as well.

    Finally, just to warn that most Councils decline informal reps so if at first you don't succeed, try again when you get the Notice to Owner and take pepipoo's advice to get the formal appeal spot on.

    Good luck.:)
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