MSE News: BT to show Premier League football, sparking price war hope

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    What wonderful timing !!!! What sort of [STRIKE]bribes[/STRIKE] discounts are they offering :rotfl::rotfl:
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    Not sure how this will start a price war. BT are just buying Sky TV channels off of Sky, who film, commentate etc. all the sporting events. :huh:

    Virgin Media do the same with many of their channels and sport, and rely on re-packaging, telephone and Internet services to stay afloat given their network costs. BT will do the same.

    Tis all Smoke and Mirrors for the BSkyB monopoly. BT and Virgin will go into a destructive pricing war as Sky sit back and watch their opposition go bust trying to 'compete'
  • If BT and Virgin Media are so interested in screening live sport, why has neither of them answered the tender for any of the Premier League Football League, Premier Rugby, Rugby Football League, ECB and various other sports rights as they have become available?
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    BT Vision box does NOT allow live HD and they have no idea when a box that allows this will be developed (I'm a BT Vision customer considering switching to SKY due to not being able to receive the basic HD channels (BBC1 etc)).
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