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Excel Parking Fine

Apologies if this is a repeat of previous posts, but I recieved a parking fine from Excel Parking today requesting £60.00 for being 'Parked without displaying a valid ticket / permit'.

I have a letter showing my car entering and exiting the car park and that is it.

As the fine is from 2 weeks a go, I cannot remember if myself or my wife had the car. Do they need to provide details on who was driving? and who they were charging?

Either way, I have in the past used this car park as a pick up, and I haven't left the car.

The fine is for 13 minutes unpaid.

I am fully aware that in this instance, no parking ticket may have been purchased, and certainly have no proof. If I have to pay, fair enough.

However, after reading various posts, this company doesn't really sound legitimate, can anyone shed any light or advice on this. Should I really ignore?



  • mrcowmrcow Forumite
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    It's not a fine. It's an invoice.

    Ignore them - they are trying it on.
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    Excel are very well known on here and it's just a parking charge notice, not a real PCN fine.

    There's tons on the internet about this issue and about Excel, do a Google search of words like 'Excel parking charge scam' and look for forum posts on here,, consumer action group, all of which will tell you that such tickets are unenforceable trash. So YES, IGNORE THEM!

    Watchdog covered this last month, and their legal bod helpfully confirmed what we already know on here about what to do with fake parking tickets (whether you have 'contravened their rules' or not):


    The registered keeper/van owner will receive debt collector letters telling you to pay. Do not panic, do not believe the lies on the letters about Court/CCJs/dire consequences! See examples here of what to ignore:

    Relax, even if you get more letters from debt collectors and so-called Solicitors (as per our examples, we can predict you'll get the same).

    But to be proactive, if the scam letters get tiresome you may like to also report the company and their debt collectors for harassment:

    But don't forget this is NOT a debt, NOT a fine, just a mickey mouse ticket. Nothing happens, your credit record is NOT affected, so don't fall for this con.

    Be angry about their spurious references to Court & CCJs in their misleading scary letters, tell your friends never to pay a private parking ticket. Spread the word.
    PRIVATE 'PCN'? DON'T PAY BUT DON'T IGNORE IT (except N.Ireland).
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