'American Express you should be ashamed!' blog discussion

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    this is just another example of AmEx being arrogant and totally out of touch with the market. The only reason this company still operates is because of it's highly regarded premium cards for actors etc. As a retailer we have now accepted to no longer accept AmEx cards after a few fraudulent payments where AmEx assured us all was fine were simply grabbed back from us and we were left out of pocket.
    AmEx does nothing to protect their customers or retailers, this business model cannot last much longer!
    Go go MSE, take em down!!!
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    Wow I'm surprised AMEX are still in business, they seem to be accepted nowhere, despite what their advert says! Probably because of their high transaction fees for retailers. I was considering them for their cash back but all the places I usually buy things from don't accept them so went with Egg instead.
    It's a bit pointless having 5% or even a million % cash back if no one uses your card due to the fees you charge retailers!
    If freedom is outlawed, only outlaws will have freedom.
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    Amex have always had perfect service for me.

    Plenty of benefits too, and there are probably 5% (no more) of places that don't take them.
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