June 2010 Grocery Challenge

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    That's excellent! - well done Pablosmummy :T
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    Urgh!! My name is Louise and I'm a supermarket addict!:o:o

    Spends at £393.63 (budget £475) after today's visit to Mr S. I only had a small list and only bought that (and 1pkt tidgy toads & 2 glasses which had fallen off last week's list) - and then saw the whoopsie cabinet. Thankfully the 2 people in front of me had the corn fed chickens - but that still didn't stop me buying a mahoooosive pork leg joint, 2 packs of beef escalope & a pack of pork loins.....

    I was struggling to fit even a pack of sausages in there last night - and tea is HM pizza, so nothing will be used from the freezer for that (all cupboard/ fridge)

    I might end up taking out the 2/3 loaf of Hovis white sliced (yick) - I got it free the other week when Asda were shutting for the day and thought I might use it on DS3 (only 12 months old, so knows no better). If it spoils and the ducks end up with it, at least I've not wasted any of my money (I could leave it out for a few days and then breadcrumb it, maybe - but white sliced always seems too sticky to blitz) I can then fit the pork joint in (I'm going to halve it) and maybe the loins. The escalope can surely be squeezed in somewhere.....? Bearing in mind that I have an american style f/f with an ice dispenser - and the ice compartment has bread rolls squeezed in...:o

    I HAD to go to the shops - we had about 2 pts milk (not enough with 6 of us and we use red, green & blue milk!!) and an inch of bread... I didn't even buy enough milk for the week, which I normally do on a FRi - I'll get OH to get the rest of the week's supply on SUnday.

    My month is still achievable - if I leave OH to get the odd thing on the way home from work instead of go myself - and if I mealplan for stuff from the freezer!!

    Somebody stop me.....!
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    Got DD2 off school today poorly so not going out to spend. My fridge is empty apart from yoghurts, milk, cheese and salad and kids are complaining at the lack of the usual bacon, cold meats, cheese slices, cheese spread, non-yoghurt type desserts and butter. I am not buying bacon ATM because it isn't on my meal plan, but DD's used to just make bacon butties when friends were round and I have saved quite a bit just on not buying 6 packs of bacon a week!

    Tea tonight is stir fry with Chicken for DD1 and hm lasagne (batch cook defrosted) for DD2 and I. I find that if I buy a pack of stir fry it is usually on offer for 2 for ... and if I buy 2 then one invariably goes off. I bought a packet of Tesco Value frozen stir fry the other week and it is fantastic - you get a full 1kg and it is really nice and crispy when cooked - I can really recommend it and there is no waste as I only use as much as I need!

    Have just done my meal plan for next week (just DD2 and I as DD1 is on holiday with her friends) - will need a couple of things but not too much so I may be able to come in just about on budget (fingers crossed)

    Moniker - hope your DD is okay
    Spriggs - hope you feel better soon

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    Afternoon all :) £2 spend on a sandwich and a bottle of coke today- was VERY hungry as I went to homebase! Bought £20 of garden stuff though but shared the love and have put out a load of leek seedlings on the street for people to pick up if they want them- Knowing me though they will still be there this evening when I go to put the bins out! I have no space for them :*(

    I love buying bunches of flowers for the house but today cut down some dark pink roses from the garden and they look lovely in a vase :) see? I'm learning!

    Have a good day all!
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    Hi All,

    Thanks for the good wishes all. :A

    I chickened out of going to the big Tesco - just couldn't face it. So I used the list I had and went on My supermarket for the first time. It worked out £6.45 cheaper online at MrS than at MrT which surprised me I have to say. Then I went back through my emails and found a free delivery voucher which had no associated spend value attached and used that. So all in it came to £40.08 and will be delivered tomorrow evening. I am counting the spend as today though as had I gone to work it would have been.

    OH went and got the local shopping which added another £19 to todays spend. So, we only have £80.97 to get to the end of the month. Hopefully it is achievable.

    I had a bit of a panic when looking at my spreadsheet just now as we've had three spend days in a row _pale_ but looking back at last month we did the same around the middle of the month and we scraped home then so keeping my fingers crossed. :undecided

    Have a good evening all and see you tomorrow,
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    greent........ i know exactly how you feel, im also a supermarket addict and i really need to curb it especially next month when it my youngest dd birthday and theres not much money coming in this month :(
    I will lose 2 stone by this summer!!!!!!
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    spent 7.46 today, but there isnt much to show for it. we are going to be over budget and I'm p**sed off with myself for letting it happen! :eek:
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  • Hi All,
    For the first time today, i went into a supermarket and just bought what i went in there for, in fact i never even went past the 2nd isle, only needed onions, mushrooms and potatoes to finish cooking for the freezer, so happy with myself here! :)
    Will update signiture later!
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    hi...we have just had a lovely organic free range chicken for tea...it was very nice i went to the real butchers and it cost a tenner but there is enough to use with a salad or sarnies tomorrow and make stock...so good value ...i was impressed with the butchers... i have got fed up with the meat in asda i have had some that hasnt been great...so i might use the butchers and see how we go with it

    a nice pudding we have had a lot lately..stewed fruit...made from fruit reduced prepped and then frozen...it makes a quick nice pudding

    have a nice weekend
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    Moniker - I hope your daughter feels better and its nothing serious. You most certainly do worry more the older they get.

    Seem to have done nothing but spend over the last few days and all together since last update have spent £47.89 :mad: This does include a birthday card, loads of fruit and salad items, prawns, mussels, plus quite a few things from the butchers which have gone into freezer. Got pork steaks, lamb chops, chicken breasts and some skirt beef as hubby wants a meat and potato pie making for fathers day instead of a joint.
    Am therefore hoping that for the first week and hopefully second in July’s challenge I wont need to buy meat except for perhaps bacon and sausage. We will see.:cool: I tend to put things in the freezer and then just forget them and still buy it the next week. :mad: I know.. I know .. a list of the contents would be an easy way around this. Trouble is just far to busy at moment to do this.

    Have a cupboard full of tinned fruit, why? don’t know but it never seems to get used up so today I have opened a tin of pineapple and we had it with some fresh strawberries and ice- cream plus I had a good dollop of Nutella as well. Yummy. Have kept the juice and will add lemonade to it later for a change from orange juice. So its one small tin down and about 80 to go. :rotfl:
    My month ends on the 22 (4 days to go ) and I am really hoping to spend no more than £15.00 Signature has been updated.
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