June 2010 Grocery Challenge

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    Ginto... I never let OH shop....otherwise it would be filled with carp we just don't need! MUCH safer for me to do it myself!

    oh....if it's just for cleaning out dishwashers and washing machines...malt works just as well and is 14p a bottle :) just make sure you run a really good rinse through. I must admit I like waitrose... and may take a wander out to it on Saturday for some light fun LOL I am a saddo!
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    Hippeechiq- welcome! come and join us- I promise you it helps and everyone is so lovely and supportive and full of ideas- and you really are never alone with any problems (such as children with hollow legs, or how to use the contents of your freezer!).[/color]

    Thanks for the welcome FelineFantastic :)

    And well done wssla00 for coming in under budget and by so much :T

    I'm new to this so don't have a budget for this month, but I have been keeping a tally for the first time ever. My month started w/c 31st May and so far I have spent £159.13 :o and have a delivery coming from A$da tomorrow, so will amend my total then. I have to come clean and admit I treated myself to some wine on offer in £idl today 3 Bottles of Ruby Cabernet for £9 :o

    I/we as a family have had the most appalling 18months or so. Most of the time I can lift myself above it, but we all have days where we can't, don't we? and I just needed a little something to lift my spirits (no pun intended) - it's the first time since being made redundant in January that I've really thought, "to hell with it! - I will have that!" and I'll find a way to may the money stretch ....like franby64 said "let them eat toast" :rotfl:
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    I don't think there's any chance of me doing this this month as have very little left! Bit silly really as I have stocked up on more stuff, but left my total the same. Oh well, i'll try harder next month.

    I got some toothpaste yesterday - £1.00
    Today I spent £3.24 - milk, crisps (grr!) and some reduced strawberries

    I'm hoping I have everything I need for when i'm off work. I got some 'emergency' UHT milk the other day (yuck, but better than nothing!) I'd prefer not to pester people for things, but will if I need to. Operation is on Monday and i'm getting a bit nervous now :eek:
    Grocery challenge - Nov: £52/£100
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    Ah Hippeechiq, sometimes you need something to keep body and soul together. I'm jobless at the moment too, and know that you need something to pull you out of the doldrums from time to time. Hence, I'm surrently tucking in to a big bowl if ice cream (which I got in a bogof deal in Mr S!)
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    Hi quick update

    I had my first on-line order from Mr S delivered, stocked up on their chicken breast as they were half price, also got couple of packs of thighs & drumstick. I get paid next Friday and I still have over £50 left, if I come in on target this month I will be happy as I have stocked the freezer up loads so am hoping next month will be able to reduce it.

    Baked some more chocolate brownies for pack ups/snacks. Was going to make flapjacks too but if I do that I eat too much of the stuff so will do that when the flapjack has gone. Also cooked gammon joint for tea with new potatoes (given to us by our neighbour from his allotment) and minted peas - enough left to slice up for sandwiches too!
  • poppy-glospoppy-glos Forumite
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    nsd today, just worked out that tomorrow, if i need to, i can spend up to £20 and stay within my 17/30th budget... taa raa...

    no need for a spend tomorrow though, all food in for lunchboxes and tea...
    nov grocery challenge, £.227.69/300, 9/25 nsd: , 7 Cmo, 10 egm.
    Me, 10 yo dd, and the dog. all food and drinks, in and out, plus household shopping.
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    Mr.M shop today,not bad only spent $17.84
    £71.93/ £180.00
  • welshkazwelshkaz Forumite
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    been a mad busy week but just another £8.00 spent here thank goodness just may make it through the month x
    may groc challenge £167/£280...
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    kirsty822001kirsty822001 Forumite
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    Hi all, I think I might do it!!! My first month challenge (properly as I had just saved reciepts last couple mnths) I have been mealplanning and trying to buy 2 lots of bread sugar butter etc as then i am not popping to get milk bread butter etc and buying LOTS of extras we dont need!!
    Had my first ever AF order (approved foods) i must admit known about it for over a year but never had the confidence to actually order,,,oh my wish i had done ages ago,,,spent £26 including delivery but have SOOOOO much for my money,,,nothing is stale or yukky,,just fab:T so i will defo use them again.

    In true os style i have had 3 or 4 nsd,,I dont think i have ever been aware of nsd's before lol
    Been given a bread maker (MRichards) made a loaf last nite YUK spongy horrible mess,,,so am off to read the breadmaking thread:D I will prob only ever make pizza dough in it anyway,,thats all i used last one for..
    enjoy lifes challenges all and this shopping one ;)

    meant to say good luck with operation 'Freakyogre' dont worry too much about challenge main thing is a good recovery,rest and treats after an op :-)
    Life happens when you are busy making other plans ;)

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    Morning peeps :wave:

    just updated my siggy, way to go yet but the cupboards are getting restocked with the extra cash that i`ve allowed this month so i`m happy :)

    I have a huge larder unit to put together and fit and then i will have a complete kitchen once again :j need to start saving for some flooring then but that can wait a while - may buy a radiator first though.

    I shall work out next weeks meal plan later today and make up a list for this weekend, my turn to do the shopping this week so non of DH`s impulse buys in the trolley like last week, what a waste they were and although he thought that he was doing the right thing (well i do have doubts) a third of the cost was in things that i wouldn`t have bought. Must nag him to stick to the list :D

    MrsM - any chance of posting the SW coq au vin recipe please? :D

    Have a good day everyone.

    Planning on starting the GC again soon :p
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