June 2010 Grocery Challenge

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  • Lindy_-_LooLindy_-_Loo Forumite
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    Had thought that doing a fortnightly omline shop would help us spend less but i'm not convinced!
    Spent £3 in farmfoods on milk, bread and tea bags today but will need fruit, veg, yoghurts and other fresh bits on monday from netto.
    Got £5 in co op reward card vouchers yesterday so gonna get the muller corners and walkers crispa that are on offer.

    Take care everyone xx
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  • nextyeartinanextyeartina Forumite
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    bad start but was like mother hubbard with nothing in the cupboard, fridge or freezer... lol. made list from mysupermarket AND stuck to it. felt like i'd got so much more than usual & cupboards, fridge & freezer bursting once again. this is the bulk of my shopping done now for the next 4 weeks. just have to buy fresh stuff like bread & milk, fruit & veg, etc. i still have £142.12 of my budget left. looking at it this way, i'm actually doing ok... i think :whistle:

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    Hi all,
    Well i've been to Mr A, and have spent £46.44. I didn't think I needed much, but it all adds up I suppose, and will keep us going until the end of the month if not longer. Then went to the farm shop, by Heligan Gardens, I spent £49.37 in there, but that will last for ages, by the time I've had a cooking session.

    So, that brings my total so far this month to £161.45 from a total of £200, not too bad. Really pleased with the last week, as I did some shopping last weekend and then had a whole week of NSD's, going to try to do the same next week, need to curb my food shopping addiction!
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  • Hi all,

    Spent £2 on some crumbly Lancashire cheese off the market mmmmm nothing much elese to report.

    Enjoy the sunshine.:)
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    Been to Mr.M's and spent $15.58. Wssla00,Still waiting for my gooseberrie's, it's a red one,no name,rescued for reduced bit of Wilco's 4 year's ago and tend to be ready for my birthday at the end of july.
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  • Afternoon/ evening all!

    NSD for me- have updated sig! Have refused to leave the house today and so it was fairly easy for a change!! :D

    Have to say that apart from dry cat food I am not planning on going near any shops this week- then I really will have to restock a bit :o on store cupboard stuff and veggies.

    Will be losing DN's (nephews if any confused) to their parents for a bit in July so am planning on the same budget but for restocking whilst they are away- I will be getting three back instead of the two that are going!! :eek: (plus an extra in the form of one of their girlfriends!)

    Right- laundry folding to be done and then the floordrobe to sort before Dr Who (800 socks to be sorted I think!!):cool:

    Hope everyone is okay- its a good thing we are all doing even if its a challenge sometimes :)
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    meanmarie wrote: »
    Wssla...I had some stewed gooseberries last night for pudding, going to make some wine in next few days...can't remember what weight I need, any left will go in freezer for crumbles etc.


    That sounds good :) may have to have a go! they seem to be a bargain especially as I paid £1.99 for two gooseberry bushes, two recurrant bushes and a blackberry bush on ebay!
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    boultdj wrote: »
    Wssla00,Still waiting for my gooseberrie's, it's a red one,no name,rescued for reduced bit of Wilco's 4 year's ago and tend to be ready for my birthday at the end of july.

    Cheers I thought mine were a little small so will wait a while before I pick them off! I do love the smell of them though!

    A NSD day today (I did spend but on gardening things! AGAIN!) came home and made empire biscuits and scones which are in the oven at the moment. I didn't use my normal baking dish and so they didn't rise properly :*( but they will still be ok I'm sure!

    Hairy bikers is on at quarter past seven so have recorded it so I can watch Dr Who!

    Have a good evening!
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  • Mrs_Money_PennyMrs_Money_Penny Forumite
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    Hi Just updating spent £1.56 on milk. Have a good weekend everyone.
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    HI all, hope everyone is enjoying the weekend :)

    Those marinaded spare ribs sound delicious, yum yum yum.

    First meal cooked in the new slow cooker - was good although I need to learn to adjust liquid quantities as it doesn't reduce down the way my stew normally would.

    Had an unintentional NSD today - my son was rummaging around in the garden and a rock fell on his foot and scraped the top layer of skin off his toe :( No way could we get a shoe on it, so it was a sofa and duvet day for the kids, and a cleaning day for me!

    Got a voucher through the post today - £15 off a £50 online shop at Waitrose! Never ordered from them before, but from what I can see it's free delivery on all orders, so a really good deal. Am planning on using it to stock up on meat, fish and a few nice dessert goodies which should see us through the rest of June and some of July.
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