June 2010 Grocery Challenge

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    hi - popped into sainsbugs this morning and was pleasantly surprised! They had 6pk of sprite and DrPepper (my weakness) half price but also got some milk, sausage rolls (DD!), yogurts, bananas and got a cheeky 4pk of Pain au Raisins for me and the girls at work for my birthday - it came to about £8!! - I was sure it would be more! - will update my signature later!
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    :rotfl:Hopefully you will do better than me today when I just went in for basked beans!

    Sending you positive thoughts!:D

    ... :rotfl: ..... bought carrots and peas, plus sunflower oil, and sultanas for carrot cake and crunchy nut clusters for a snacky treat for us at some point. Over by about a £1, hence back in the red, but 'storecupboard' now has two bottles of oil (was £1.37 off when bought 3), and the crunchy bits.

    now need to work on nsd as have enough food for quite a while...
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  • I'm off to Waitrose for a few things! Hoping not to spend more than £20-need to go to Iceland also for some chicken. I will let you know the "damage" later!
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    Having risotto tonight - I have over 2kg of risotto rice in the cupboard so I am determined to have a risotto one night a week until I make a dent in it. Still have some chicken meat leftover from the whole chicken I roasted and stripped, and will use some lemon zest, some peas and broccoli and homemade stock to make up the rest.

    Off to update my signature....

    Risotto rice can also be used to make rice pudding - not the best in this weather, but yummy!
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    Happy Friday everyone!

    Not managed to post this last week as been too busy, so just spent the last hour catching up.

    Welcome to all the newbies, you'll find this a really supportive place to be. I've learnt quite a lot from the folks here.

    This weeks spends have taken my total to £112.57. Still need some fresh stuff this weekend and need to replenish the meat and yoghurt stores. Hopefully will keep spend under £50 but not too concerned if I go over as I'll claw it back by the end of the month :p

    Have a lovely weekend, K x
    Merry Christmas
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    AnnieG - another vote for Ikea storage stuff here! I also have alot of lock and lock but it is expensive - I get mine from QVC where they have sets for about £15.

    Went to Asda today to get TOTM supplies and bleach and vinegar and ended up spending £31.27:eek: I got a litre of Filipio Berrio olive oil on offer for £3 (its my favourite and is usually almost £6), tomato ketchup, the light philadelphia was on offer 300g for £1 so got three of them, some half price blueberries, mushrooms and romaine lettuce. The TOTM supplies cost me over £10 and I will still have to buy more (the price of having two girls at home as well as me!) Oh yes I also got a pack of those All Bran chocolate fibre plus bars - really expensive at £1.78 for 4 and I ended up coming home and eating all 4 at once:o

    Dinner tonight is hm chicken curry and naans. I was going to make the naans myself but ended up buying some in Asda as they were only 68p.

    I have got to try and not spend very much over the weekend!

    I have a Waitrose near me but never see much reduced stuff in there!

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    I'm quite pleased at the moment have had lots of NSDs this month but tomorrow will be a challnge as I am going to my DD's school Fete after Uni class at lunchtime and I always spend money there.Its a special-needs school and I like to support them as my DD works so hard to get extra funding for the children.I have been shopping quite a bit from the freezer this month in the hope of 'running' it down so I can defrost it but it still seems to be full to bursting.I think I will have a good sort through tomorrow afternoon and see what there is .I know I have a few portions of stock and I think thats what's taking up the room in there .I have a kilo of carrots peeled in the fridge so maybe I shall do a pan of carrot and coriander soup or some veggie soup as there are leeks and some celery in the fridge that could do with using up.Onwards and upward chums we are a third of the way through the month already.
    JackieO xx
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    also this talk of waitrose i decided to go there and spent £20.11 :eek:
    the only thing i got that was reduced was choc custard which went down to 99p. i bought a lot of Waitrose essentials but i went at the wrong time before i had my dinner so ended grabbing random things that looked nice :eek: on the plus side i bought there maderia cake which im going to tuck into a bit later :) and some french stick. i was quite surprised at how cheap some things were, roughly about the same price as mr t but i wont be popping there to often as the nearest one near me is about half hour drive.
    I will lose 2 stone by this summer!!!!!!
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    A nsd here:T but I need to have alot more of them to get back on track:o think I will go and give the veg in the garden a good talking to it needs to grow quicker so I can shop for free in the garden:D
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    Well....so much for my NSD.... £10.69 spent today but did get a blackcurrant bush in there too :) will update my sig in a mo!
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