June 2010 Grocery Challenge

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  • Lindy_-_LooLindy_-_Loo Forumite
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    popped into the co-op for stork as making chocolate crunch and spent £6.80!

    Got some reduced fruit, the stork and 4 things that were on offer and cheaper than tesco so not all bad x
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  • guccigooguccigoo Forumite
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    hi i had to pop into i**land today to get t bags, sugar and cappucino's which were on offer for 1.50 a box:j also bought some aero choc drink for the kids so spent £5 exactly.. tonight im filling out my application form for a job so fingers crossed i get it as we really need the money :money:
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    Got a few bits today, mainly veg from Ald! (78p) coconut milk x 2for1 from 99p Store (er... 99p!!) and cookies, chocolate & reduced bread from Somerfield (3.93)

    DH will be doing a weekly shop on Sunday, so I'll update when that arrives!
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  • Billie-joBillie-jo Forumite
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    Recovering Spendaholic - Glad you got your money back for the gammon. :T With things costing as much as they do I think we ought to take things back more often that we do if they not up to standard.

    Went shopping a day late this week as was not at home yesterday and spent after coupon deductions £47.14 Did have to get a few extras though that we don’t buy weekly such as washing liquid, mayo and sauces. Also have brought a free range chicken this week to see if can tell the difference as last chicken we had tasted of nothing at all and this one was obviously more expensive.:(

    Will have to have small spend tomorrow as need bacon from the butchers and may need some cream as undecided if making a quiche or not in the week.

    This weeks menus include chicken salad and new potatoes, left over chicken but not sure what will do with it yet, chilli & rice, jkt potato and hopefully left over chilli and maybe quiche if not probably pizza.
    Need to do some baking as well but again not sure what yet apart from malt loaf and a few cakes for the grandchildren - probably rice crispie cakes and ginger bread men which they enjoy decorating themselves.:D
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  • Penny-Pincher!!Penny-Pincher!! Forumite
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    We are both housebound ATM, so SIL got a few bits we needed and she shops in expensive shops, so what would have cost us usually £6...cost £13. I asked for a bag of salad, so she bought the posh big bag which had todays date on it and starting to go soggy and was £1.99:eek::eek::eek:...cheddar 200g £2.95:eek::eek::eek:.....FR Eggs (6) £2.11:eek::eek::eek:.....5 bananas £1.77:eek::eek::eek:.....milk 1litre £1.22:eek::eek::eek:.....salted butter £1.61:eek::eek::eek: and a creme egg:D

    I appreciate her getting it for us but couldnt believe the cost!....she doesnt look for any bargains or specials and obvioulsy NOT the dates on perishables:rotfl:

    Got DD and her friend a pizza tonight from Papa Johns as there is a 50% off first order. So they got a huge pizza and garlic bread for £10 and there is tons left for lunch tomorrow with soome salad.

    Also bought a few offers from the milkman today....1kg Jersey royals for 99p, 12 cans of coke as DD has friend over for the weekend and its over £1 at the shops a tin for £2.19 for 12, yeo valley yogurts for £1 and a loaf of Kingsmill for £1...so £6.20 roughly there....so £29 roughly so far this month on nothing really....knew it would be an expensive month as we are pretty limited, but dont mind too much.

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  • brodie1_2brodie1_2 Forumite
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    14.95 spend in tescos yesterday with the help of 7.00 voucher. Dh got MIL stuff in there to which normally comes to around 10.00 it was 14.00 in tesco:eek:, another reason we dont often go inthere. It has definately got dearer. F Foods 4.50 for milk .
    Today 11.46 in local deli health food shop, the owner had ordered me a 24 pack of Allisons yeast and gave me 10% off:T and I got some f r eggs 90p half a doz.
    Then 99p shop dowegberts coffee and lyons coofee, 3 lots of hayfever tabs and 2 bars of terrys milk choc (99p thr 2) for DS. So a total of 5.94 in 99p shop.
    Todays tea was a hm quiche using left over whoopsi sausages from yesterday and enough quiche for tommorow too;) hg salad, hm olive tear and share bread made with hm tapinade from some olives hanging around in the fridge (from the 99p shop).
    made some raspberry muffins with leftover rasps from DS breakfast smoothie and enought for him tommorow to
    So a good day all round.
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    Well alot of spending happened today but in my defence i have got 8 children plus 2 of my own sleeping over tomorrow night in honour of my dd's 10th birthday - we are having barbq burgers and sausages, chocolate fountain (value chocolate) with strawberries (value), grapes (value) and marshmellows, lots of fizzy drinks, hot chocolate later in the night and crossiants or pancakes for breakfast. Also got enough food for all meals till payday (15th) may need some more fruit later in week but that should be it :-)

    I visited pland for sweets, ffoods (milk, bread, apple and orange juice offers burgers sausages and a few bits ) and Mr S everything else spending a total of £53 which is half my normal spend - so total to date is £78 and i have enough food in theory to last till 15th long may this organisation continue :-)
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  • Phew! I've finally managed to catch with a little light reading of the posts! Good luck to everyone this month ;)
    Please can you put me in for £280 for June -apologies for the delay-
    So far I've spent £37 AT W**trose and I managed to get a reduced joint of pork, beefburgers, lamb chops, organic meatballs and duck pate so the freezer is now well stocked for the next 2 weeks or so - I just have to get loads of veg and milk to s t r e t c h out the food -oats and lentils will have a starring role as well:D

    Tomorrow I'm going to make home made bread and peanut butter cookies (from the front page)as I found several jars of peanut butter at the back of the cupboard - its a way of appeasing my OH and DD as they have agreed to eat the strange concoctions that I plonk in front of them and I'll make a banana cake and maybe a chocolate cake as a reward too!
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  • WinchelseaWinchelsea Forumite
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    Thanks folks for your kind thoughts.

    Haven't seen DH today as I went to London to meet DGD1 (the oldest of our 9 grandchildren) - she's a teacher, so on half term. She has her younger brother (DGS1) staying with her, revising for his AS Levels. She gave us lunch, then she and I went to the Quilts exhibition at the V&A. Beautiful! - came back inspired to get the needles and threads out as soon as I can.

    Got back here at 10pm after a hot and crowded train journey, and needed to eat. In the fridge was leftover toad in the hole - I nuked it in the microwave, then chopped 2 big tomatoes and the end of a cucumber and tossed them in a bit of dressing - very nice! And, drank a whole pot of tea (dehydrated!)

    Might have a glass of red wine in a minute, hoping the cat doesn't do what she did the other day - jumped on my lap, swept her tail round and dipped it in my wine, then "drew" red marks on my pale aqua t-shirt!!

    Spent a bit today - I paid for the V&A plus tea and cakes, but did take a flask of coffee to drink on the train this morning.

    Back on the economy drive tomorrow, hoping not to have to buy any food. Will take DH some fruit, which he loves, but bought enough yesterday.

    Good night everyone, have a good day tomorrow.
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  • recovering_spendaholicrecovering_spendaholic Forumite
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    I have just been trying to do some meal planning with what I have in store and I haven't got much in the way of sandwich fillings or lunchbox ideas? I usually buy cold meat (Asda ES or Tesco Finest - both 2 for £5) and I am trying not to buy that as it is so uneconomical. Do you all cook your own cooked meats?

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