June 2010 Grocery Challenge

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    I don't post very often but I do enjoy reading how everyone is doing, just come back from Mr M's Organic Chopped Tomatoes 44p per tin BOGOF (22p per tin) sorry if soemone else has already mentioned it. :)
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    I have cancelled my Mr T order for tomorrow. I have decided that I might have it next week and rather than stock up on stuff putting money in Mr T's pocket, Im keeping it in mine for now! I have a fridge full of stuff that needs using up so it seems stupid to add to it when there won't be room to store it properly.

    Ive got off to a good start this morning. I am making a quiche so the sad mushrooms/spring onions that would get ditched in a day or so are being used. Im considering adding bacon also. Mmmm

    Quick question though. Ive mixed a pot of quark (250g) and 4 eggs and a pack of chives. Ive used my mixer but the mixture hasn't thickened as i would have expected? and the top of it is frothy. The quark is one day out of date but smelt ok ? (well didn't really smell of anything really). Ive had my mixer years so it isn't very powerful. It is just because I haven't got the mix of eggs and quark right ?
  • Hi MrsMc could you please put me down for £260 thats for 2 adults for all food and drink for June, I know this seems a lot but we have been spending a lot more than this and we need to tighten our belts and stop wasteing money :) thanks
    WW start date 31/8/2011 :j

    weight lost so far:- 32lbs :T
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    Wednesday was a technical NSD but of course we actually spent heaps, as we had ice creams, lunch out and visited two attractions. And still got home shortly after 4 as the children and OH don't have so much stamina.

    Thursday I spent £4 on varioius good instant noodles from the Chinese shop at the market and some garum masala. OH bought some wine, and I don't know how much he spent. That's the problem with the challenge, he doesn't like me 'nagging'.

    I made a great curry last night with some lamb I'd forgotten about, and there's enough to do tonight as well. I have flour and I think I'll have a go at making chapattis. The children can either have veg sausages from the freezer or pasta with bousin.

    Need to review the shopping I've ordered for tomorrow. I had forgotten that I have an extra 'special' meal to cater for - our 27th anniversary on Sunday. I'm probably making an upside down cake for pudding but am wondering about getting an ice cream maker as an anniversary pressie, in which case it'd be ice cream! For the main, there is a recipe for chimichurra steak in the latest BBC Good Food that I want to try. Other things will have to be dropped off the food list to pay for that ...
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    Hi, this is my first grocery challenge, hope I'm not too late to join. Can I be put down for £200 this month please, though hoping it'll be less!
    Kate x
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    Mr A delivery to fill the cupboards came in at £103.25.

    Had a quick trip to Herons and Fruit & Veg shop to see us through the weekend so another £6.47 spend. BBQ tonight.

    Enjoy the sunshine:)

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    hiya everyone,

    spent £4 in iceland today and instead of doing a weekly online shop at tesco gonna try and do a fornightly one later todsy, it will save us the delivery charge and hopefully I can use on of the codes of the board x
    Mum, wife and dinnerlady!
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    Hi, I'm a bit late but wonder if I can join in?

    I have just had a new budget from CCCS and I have £195 +21 for the cats and 60 for work lunches.
    This is for all food and grocery shopping.
    I spent £66.30 at Asda yesterday but that was mostly for household and cats + some salmon for me (on special offer - 4 fillets for £5)

    I think I should be able to do the whole month at £150 and would like to try.

    May I join in?
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    20ps and £2 coins and other bits.

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  • rentawitchrentawitch Forumite
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    NSD? non spending day?
    Sealed Pot challenge 3 - #969
    20ps and £2 coins and other bits.

    July grocery challenge £167.40/£175

    NSD challenge July 9/10
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    rentawitch wrote: »
    NSD? non spending day?

    Hi rentawitch and welcome to the Grocery Challenge, NSD is no spending day as you correctly guessed, the lovely Spoon keeps us all on track on this thread http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=2502737 I only joined last month and I'm already up to 4 out of 14 NSD's that I've pledged this month. Like on this thread everyone is very helpful and supportive, hope to see you there.

    Herby x
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