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Number of viewings in May

edited 2 June 2010 at 8:10PM in House Buying, Renting & Selling
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  • princessamy86princessamy86 Forumite
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    tyllwyd wrote: »
    Thanks, its interesting to hear that from an independent point of view! Of course you realise that according to the received wisdom on the board, 64% of the properties on your books must therefore be overpriced ...

    Haha yes well some of them are overpriced! There are certain people who prefer not to listen to advice :) I would say though that there are vendors who have reduced to what I would class as a very reasonable price and still aren't getting the interest. I think there just simply aren't enough serious buyers at the moment.
    Scar tissue that I wish you saw, sarcastic mister know it all, close your eyes and I'll kiss you cause with the birds I'll share this lonely view.
  • i voted no, but then again i would be very surprised if i did get any we dont have our house up for sale.:D
  • tyllwydtyllwyd Forumite
    5.5K posts
    i voted no, but then again i would be very surprised if i did get any we dont have our house up for sale.:D

    Yes, sorry, was going to put a 'don't know/don't care/not selling' option but miscalculated and ran out of space.
  • beccadbeccad Forumite
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    Four viewings and three offers. But we're selling a first-time buyer flat in London and they're a bit thin on the ground at the moment...
  • whitesatinwhitesatin Forumite
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    We had around 15 viewings and one offer which fell through quickly. The estate agent seems to be getting them in but not too sure about the quality of viewers.
  • tyllwydtyllwyd Forumite
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    Thanks everyone! So my very unscientific survey seems to be saying that for nearly half of the properties there has been nothing going on at all for the past month, although a quarter seem to have been busy with viewings & offers. My conclusion is that last month was a rubbish time to be trying to sell a house!

    Fingers crossed for a better month in June ...
  • Jowo_2Jowo_2 Forumite
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    tyllwyd wrote: »

    Fingers crossed for a better month in June ...

    Not if the predictions of a flood of landlord owned properties on the market if the budget on 22 June effectively doubles CGT in April next year.

    I read an article today that said the only way to prevent an oversupply of properties on the market is if the govt raise the CGT rate on that day rather than make it effective at some time in the future.

    That way, landlords are effectively trapped by the tax changes and can't rush to beat it.
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