June 2010 Grocery Challenge

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  • Hi all

    First post of the month. £160 budget for June - spent £42 so far but got enough food to last me till Sunday & some freezer stock.

    Biggish shop on Monday - mainly staples, petfood, fruit & veg, cleaning stuff etc. Had rubber chicken on Monday & Tuesday evening and Wed lunch. Chilli from freezer tonight. Popped into Co-op tonight & got reduced duck, bacon, pork steaks & coventry garden soup for £5:D - all going into freezer! Eating out tomorrow - birthday meal! Fish pie (HM) on Friday.

    I'm off to center parcs on Monday - eight of us - can't wait!! So plan to spent £40 max from food budget - any extra will be charged to my holiday spending budget but I'm going to try my best not to overspend - also have just joined the 'lose 7Ib in June challenge' so need to be good.

    My target this month - as well as keeping to £160 budget is to limit myself to 2 shops a week - if I run out I run out..... tough!

    Anyway good luck everyone & thanks for all the tips.

    Missy Dee
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    I spent £29.00 exactly in Asda yesterday, but forgot to get eggs. That included £1.42 for a box of 3 Kinder eggs - one each for ds and his 2 friends (I left him with my friend and her grandchildren while I did the Asda run). Still cheaper than having to take him with me.

    Oh, and I forgot to mention that for the past two weeks my aunty has basically done her shopping from my cupboards and freezer. She has no money - a long story of her own doing, but I wouldn't see them go hungry. Giving her money is pointless, so I prefer to help out my offloading my freezer contents. Actually this month it has come in quite handy as the freezer needs to be carried upstairs when the kitchen floor gets dug up!
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    Hello all.

    Lovely sunshine here :j:j

    Mrs M please put me down for £250 for the calendar month of June. Already shopped on 1st June spent a total of £49.82 in MrA, MrS, A**i and Li*l.

    wmf fish in Li*l and A**i are always good value. I prefer Oc*an Trad*r to Trawl*c as the later pieces are quite thin - tasty though. I also recommend the frozen salmon in sauce and breadcrumbs from A**i - still only £1.99 :D
  • Hi

    Can I join please? Don't know how much I have been spending, but would like to have a reason not to pick up the extra biscuits/choc/ready made bits just because they are convienient. Think to start with I will aim for £200 for four of us (1 being on baby food) inc all toiletries. Hoping I don't spend more than this!

    The list of recipes looks fab, will have to take a proper look later, also really need to get back to meal planning, not just buying random stuff then finding that I am missing something :o

    OH is a fisherman, so, free food that way (but I don't like fish, shhh!) must make an effort to try recipes that are fishy but disguise the taste :D anyone living on the suffolk coast want to trade? lol
    turn £100 into £10000 in 2010 member #16 £567.68/£10,000 - :(

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    Morning all,
    can anyone tell me if FF is still doing the milk offer?
    Tonight I sahll pop to tesco as I have £7.00 in vouchers to use and want some frozen fruit, cat litter and marg. As FF is next door I thought I would get some milk while I was there.
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    Just wanted to thank whoever it was that originally posted the cheesey biscuit recipe on the first page.
    I tried them yesterday and they were yummy and just used stuff that you'd have in the cupboard (flour, milk, marg and cheese).
    And I can't cook!
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    OK so day 3 of the June cut down my spending month - so far i have spent
    £20 in Mr T for a birthday meal for my 10yo (i fed 7) plus a few few other bits and pieces (flour, cooking choc, shampoo and conditior and 4.98 in Lidl on stuff for my lunch this week - today i plan a nsd - we shall see :-) but so far so good. The cupboards are looking bare but i get paid on 15th of the month so have to make do till then (have plent of baking stuff so can make cakes and biscuits and bread) eek and I have a sleep over with 7 10yo's at the weekend but am making pizza dough with bread maker, my own tomato sauce (value tomato tins) and then value cheese (kids are making own pizzas) my mum is making cup cakes for them to ice and I will get some pocorn sweets and some cheap fizzy drinks and breakfast is home made pancakes so shouldn't break the bank too much. I do have to do a packed lunch shop at the weekend - will see if farm foods still have the bread offer and milk offer.

    I have to do this challenge as am fed up of running out of money in week 3 of a 4 week month
    Been stupid but have no regrets starting to slowly sort my finances now the kids are growing
  • im in again this month after failing miserably AGAIN, so decided im going for £550 this month please. I know its high but ive been spending over £600 a month so rather than set myself up for failure im better off with baby steps. Anyway fingers crossed.
    total debt at LBM £4800
    Debt as of Mar 2016 £1790 Hope to be debt free July 2016:eek:
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    Hi everyone, sorry I have been MIA lately. Have kept a note of what I spent in May and it was about £100 more than I would have spent if I had been doing the challenge properly , so here I am again for June! Please put me down for £270 for June. My month starts today and ends on 30th.

    Thanks and good luck everyone.

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    hi all,spent £19.00 in local health shop yesterday going to update sig now :-)
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