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This thread is specifically to discuss the



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    EHIC cards are a must, period. My partner, Jane, and I went to Malta in September 2009 for a two week break. I already had my own EHIC card so, in August, logged into and applied for one for Jane. Good job too!! On the 8th day of our holiday, the Tuesday, Jane had a fall on a rocky beach and broke both bones in her left leg as well as ripping all the tendons. She stepped down four inches from a flat rock onto what looked like dry sand. Unfortunately, the ’dry’ sand was laying on top of a wet claylike substance. Her foot shot forwards, Jane shot sideways, her foot went between two rocks and……..the ’snap’ could be heard a mile away.
    I’d already entered all the Emergency Service numbers - Police, Fire, Ambulance - into my mobile as soon as we arrived in Malta so was able to call an ambulance right away and they were with us within five minutes. (There's a good tip for you, you never know when you'll need one of them.)

    After being admitted to hospital, I was asked if Jane had an EHIC. Affirming she had, I was asked to bring it along the following day, together with her passport. I duly arrived on Wednesday morning, went to reception and enquired as to where Jane was and was given directions to her ward. When I reached the ward, I spoke to the ward doctor who took Janes EHIC number and confirmed her ID with the passport. Then he told me that Jane was already in theatre and being operated on.

    Ultimately, spending six days in hospital, having plates inserted into her leg to repair the breaks and all the aftercare that went with it, it cost us nothing except for the injection drugs needed for the flight home. I hate to think what it would have cost if Jane hadn’t got her EHIC card.

    As a post script, if you have a problem logging on to the EHIC web site, just call their number; 0845 606 2030 and an adviser will take all your details and get your card sent out to you.
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    EHIC is NOT a substitute for travel insurance.
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    Incapuppy wrote: »
    EHIC is NOT a substitute for travel insurance.

    Although NOT having EHIC may invalidate your policy or result in a reduction of the policy excess.
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    Yes the EHIC is a good idea, but as mentioned before is not a subsitute for travel insurance. Our experience was that my wife had a minor infection in France earlier this year, but needed a prescription. You can use the local Dr, but get charged a fee (same as a local) and you also get charged for the prescription. The Dr didnt even ask to see the card, although we showed him it. I'm not sure what the rules are for bigger problems, but if you are charged for larger more expensive problems you could be out of pocket whilst away - It took us 4 months to get the cheque (they had to send the claim to France to be processed supposedly!).

    Worth it, but you may end up having to spend your holiday spends!
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    I got treated at a hospital in Malta. Totally free, including the prescription, and I didn't show any paperwork.
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    and just to add to this. make sure you apply or renew online through the correct website. I went to renew my families cards on Friday and typed EHIC into google. It took me to an official looking site where I entered all of the details required. At the end of the process it asked me for £9.95. I knew the cards were free and found the correct address ending in

    proper website address

    I always get travel insurance alongside these cards but the cards make things easier sometimes. About 18 months ago my 5 year old slipped in the villa we were staying in and landing his head on the edge of the coffee table. Fair to say it needed a trip to hospital for stitches (wont go into any more detail on that!)

    We ended up in a village called Rojales in the Costa Blanca. A nice new 'walk in' style centre. Problem being they spoke no english (I was in spain!) and I could only speak little spanish. First thing the receptionist asked for was the E111 card, I took my insurance with me, but it was the card they wanted. They then put my little one on the Spanish healthcare computer and he was issued with their NHS equivelant card. All done and dusted, although it was butcheresque. But well worth getting the card as no other paperwork needed and my travel insurance wasn't used at all.
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    Can Indian national's apply for EHIC card. My parents from India are visiting me In UK and I would prefer some kind of medical cover.
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    Your parents should buy travel insurance, which includes medical cover, in India before they leave.
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    Can Indian national's apply for EHIC card. My parents from India are visiting me In UK and I would prefer some kind of medical cover.
    No they cannot.

    Applicants must be UK resident.

    Interesting to note that the article doesn't mention that.
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    I am thinking of getting this EHIC in addition to Travel Insurance from India.

    I too thought that Indian nationals are not eligible for EHIC. However In this link, it mentions that

    "If you are a non-EEA national you can only apply by post as you need to provide further documentation that supports your application. You can pick up an application form from the Post Office".
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