June 2010 Grocery Challenge

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    Since I overspent by alot last month this months budget will be £130.
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    pipersky wrote: »
    ....I still haven't found the NSD thread....
    June's NSD Challenge is open for business folks!
    Guess I'm lucky as The Offspring are all growed :D so I just have to concentrate of meals, essential toiletries & feeding the Pets;
    I cook for Pup & Iggie's a veggie so easy to incorporate. The 'kids' buy their own beer/ fizzy/ crisps/ choccie bars/ posh smellies & on the odd occasion will pick up a pint of milk or a bit of fruit if I ask nicely & rarely want to be reimbursed :j & that's how I got bananas we needed yesterday. My scorecard remains unblemished :p
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    morning all,small spend £8.70 :-)
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    An nsd day for me I think... my chest is wanting to give up today :*( Aaah the perils of brittle asthma! Still, I'm nibbling on a HM piece of rocky road and thinking about turning on the TV soon.

    Dinner tonight is a Levi Roots chicken thing I found in Tesco- not very HM but looked good and was reduced so that will do nicely since DP is out.

    Enjoy the day all!
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    Well, I've done my stockcheck, my menu plan, and had my big delivery - and have spent £105.43 so far, which includes packed lunch makings to the end of term.

    I didn't have enough fridge/freezer space for everything I need, but have 3 weeks of meals covered at the minimum, along with a week of milk and bread, and a month+ of cereal and tins. I also managed to start a food box for the caravan we've booked the first week of the school holidays.

    I'll need some fruit this week, but shouldn't need to shop for anything else until early next week.

    Oh, and I got the instruction book for the breadmaker I was given, and I'll be doing some experimenting with that, so I ought to put some yeast on the list too.
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    I have loads of single cream - what can i cook with it?!

    I have most of the contents of a supermarket in my kitchen, just need ideas!! Help please!

    I'm back again, as you can see, have been MIA for another couple of months. Fill you in when it's not bedtime!

    PG x

    Single cream makes lovely quiche, bread and butter pudding, rice pudding and you can use it mixed with an egg, some crispy bacon and parmesan for spaghetti carbonara. Also you could use it for saucy chicken dishes and if you stabilize it (i.e. mix a tsp of cornflour with a 284ml carton) then you can use it as double cream in cooking and it won't split like it normally does.

    It's also nice in coffee!

    No wonder I'm fat!

    Do you include stuff like kids haircuts in the GC? DD2 has very long hair which currently looks like a halloween wig and needs to be cut and thinned out. I rang the hairdressers and it will be £15 to wash and cut it. I was going to include this in my month's spend. Also need to buy dog food today and am hoping to get round the supermarket without giving in to temptation........

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    I've just come back from the post office and had a quick look in the butchers and greengrocers in the village. I didn't buy anything but am thinking about trying to do the majority of the weekly shop there this weekend - I think the prices are a bit cheaper than the supermarket but the main reason is to stop me flinging things in a trolley without thinking about it. It means I'd have to pay in cash in at least 1 of the shops so I'll have to think about what I'm spending too.

    It will mean doing a stricter meal plan and shopping list but I'm only working a few days next week so I can pick up things if I forget something.

    Any one else do this?
  • Afternoon All!

    Second of June and already 8 pages- Phew! Will try and catch up!

    Had small spend yesterday on reduced stuff at the Co-op and eggs from the butchers (£4.92) so will update sig in a mo- need cat food today so Mr T's vouchers will be used for that :D

    Have a dance lesson later- free! Don't you love that word!! :T

    Will try and catch up at some point!!

    MrsMc- agree about the SW portions- some of them are humungous!! But then I won't knock SW apart from that- lost just about 2 stone and have kept it off since December so it must work somehow!! :j
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    Can I put down £300 for June please. Two NSD so far. Today few bits in Somerfield bannanas as DS has a big liking for hm smoothies that he makes for brekfast(dont want to hinder anything healthy), jus rol pastry and mozzarella ( to use to make the recipie thats on the tv ads at present, use to make it and forgot about it and its lovely so doing it tonight) , coleslaw for tonight and will do some hg salad. Must get rouind to making hm coleslaw again, we all prefer it. Also whopposied sweet chilli sausages for freezer £7.86.
    Son off to the download festival Wednesday for 5 days. He is quite good at balancing up what meals there are good value (wonder where he has learnt that from:D. He goes each year but does anyone have any good ideas for food to take along. He is taking some instant bbqs with him and beer!!!!
    thanks Brodie
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  • Hi everyone.
    NSD yesterday for me but over £100 spent on Monday on a Mr T delivery.
    Grocery aim £450pm.Spent £519 August, £584 July, £544 June, £541 May, £549 April, £517 March, £517 Feb,£555 Jan, £573 Dec, £465Nov, £561Oct, £493Sept, £426Aug,£496 Jul, £528Jun, £506May,£498April, £558 March, £500Feb, £500 Jan, £490 Dec, £555 Nov,£566 Oct, £505Sept, £450Aug, £410 July, £437 June, £491 May, £471 April, £440 March, £552Feb, £462Jan
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