June 2010 Grocery Challenge

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  • Billie-joBillie-jo Forumite
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    :wave: Welcome to all the new savers.
    Small spend today of £1.99 in Morr*sons which included a loaf reduced to 50p :)
    June GC spends are £33.87 so far.
    MARCH £62.38/250
  • Welsh_PoppyWelsh_Poppy Forumite
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    Good Morning

    Can I declare £250 for June please. Will have to tot up for May but have a feeling we went over.
    Hope to do better this month!!
    Weight loss challenge 66lb to go /59lb's lost

    Grocery Budget January £150/£175
    Feb £150/
  • Welsh_PoppyWelsh_Poppy Forumite
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    So far spends this month £123.27p so will be very careful as went over by £20.00 last month but it is hard I am a veggie and love all the fresh fruit and veggies and they seem expensive at the moment. we are growing a fair bit but not sure it is cheaper but a lot of fun.
    Good luck everyone.
    Weight loss challenge 66lb to go /59lb's lost

    Grocery Budget January £150/£175
    Feb £150/
  • tracey12_2tracey12_2 Forumite
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    I went shopping today and spend £42.97 at Mr T. Hopefully won't need to go until the end of the week for milk, bread etc.

    Good luck to everyone this month.

    Officially debt free :j
  • wssla00wssla00 Forumite
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    Tesco shop today came to eighty quid... saving me a grand total of fourty from coupons and special offers :) However I'm going to be sneaky and save £40 for next month's budget as it is two months worth of dry goods so I'm all stocked up again!
    Feb GC: £200 Spent: £190.79
  • brummiebabebrummiebabe Forumite
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    Now that I'm settled in my new house (finally) and I need to really save some money.....am going to join in the grocery challenge again! My budget is £380 for June (well from 26th May - 30th June.) Have so far spent £114.61 but have stocked up on washing powder, contact lens solutions etc.....so will see how it goes!!
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  • ASCASC Forumite
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    Hello everyone. Well, after my absolutely farcical May I shall be setting June target for £240 (calendar month).

    Spent £7.78 so far, mostly on toiletries, and I shall be keeping a much closer watch on what I spend week by week.

    Good luck everyone.
    A x
  • franby64franby64 Forumite
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    My A*da delivery for this week just arrived minus the raspberry pavlova ice-cream :( frowny faces all round!

    It came to £80.03 and I bought a couple of bits this morning so spend so far is £86.03. This leaves me with £23.97 to last the week.
    Not sure if this is going to work! but I do have a lot of stuff in so we shall see...probably be OK if I stick to my plan.

    Good luck for June everybody.
    May Shopping Challenge. 10/5. Budget £310 Spent £118.25.. £191.75 left. So £9.13 a day.
  • ZendZend Forumite
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    Hi, DH gets paid today so will start the challenge from now. Could you please put me down for £200 again. It is going to be an expensive month with several birthdays :eek:.
    January spend = £100
    Spent =
    saving =
  • cookie9cookie9 Forumite
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    Another £5.75 to add. Mostly on deserts :o- got jellies and evaporated milk to make fruit mousse with and the ingredients for the lemon curd ice-cream which sounds fab I just have to find the recipe again.
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