May 2010 Grocery Challenge

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    BigMummaF wrote: »
    Herby's my secretary & has eloquently recreated my inspirational meanderings :D

    I am, when did that happen? DH says you'll have to share as he needs me to be his secretary especially on Saturday night ;)

    Herby x
    NSD Challenge 2010:Jul 12/12 ;); Jun 21/14 :T; May : 6/6 :D
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    Hiya - another nsd today (well on groceries anyway - did buy the littl'uns lunch out in town, but I class things like that as treats which don't come out of the budget :)

    My OH went to Mr T yesterday and bought milk and fruit, so my total has gone up to £207.59 but am still feeling well chuffed.

    Congrats to all who have come in under but also those who are over but still spending way less now than they were before - WTG MSEers :):):)
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    Mrs M. could you put me down for £150.00 for June
    Been AWOL for 2 months. ;) Glad to be back. Hope everyone is well and enjoying the good weather.

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    I'm declaring Mays budget at £249.24 (76p under budget :j) after having spent £1 on sweets for the kids after school.

    Mrs M ~ could you put me down for £250 again in June? :A
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    Hi everyone,

    I'm really sorry that it's a little bit later than usual...unfortunately I have a lot of 'stuff' going on in my family life at the moment, but I just wanted to let you know that the Grocery Challenge thread for June is now up and running here

    Good luck to everyone taking part. :)

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    Managed to come in under budget - £375 for May.
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    Hi all,
    as you can see I am a bit over again, but am hoping that now Mum has bought me a pannasonic breadmaker it will help. We spend alot on bread and I use to do it by hand but my hands are quite weak due to my MS. My local wholefood/deli is getting me a box of yeast packets and giving me 10% off!!!
    Yesterday we had hm bread for toast, lettuce soup (I am overrun with lettuce at the mo}and hm foccia bread, tea was hm pizza and salad from garden and pineapple and pears for dessert that were nearly over ripe but scrummy.Spends whfood shop 5.54, greengrocers £3.00, £1.00 poundland.
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    June can I have £300.

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  • Wow! My lowest month ever! Declaring at £169.13 for May which is a massive £30.87 under budget.
    I think it may be because we are off for a couple of weeks next week and I was trying to use things up.
    Could you put me down for just £100 for June please? That is for two adults and two children - but we will only be around for 2 weeks (there is a separate budget for when we are away). Will definitely need to stock up when we get back.
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    Hello All

    I declare £250 for this month :o:(. Mainly due to Oh doing two shopping trips to Sainsburys! and sailing way over the budget on things we dont need.

    Must try harder this month, especially as we are about to get our gas/electric bill!

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    This month has been an utter nightmare grocery wise, most of the food i bought went off within two days. I swear supermarket food has gone down the pan. So i'm declaring £170 this month, so not impressed at all.
    Everythings shot up in price again :mad:

    so next month definitely food out of the freezer as its MOT and TAX month oh the joy.

    Today were having chilli and rice i think.
    Going to massive load of cake making, chickpeas, bread and mince to try and last us for the month. I doubt it will but its worth a try.
    Right going to put the chickpeas on now and hang the washing out.

    See you all next month. x
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