May 2010 Grocery Challenge

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  • InTheRedInTheRed Forumite
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    Can I join in please? I have been watching this thread with interest this month. No idea how much I spend on groceries per month (a lot) so can I put my name down Mrs M? £400 for June please?

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    March GC 0/300.00

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  • cookie9cookie9 Forumite
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    Can I go for £80 for June.

    Miserable day at work - and forgot to take food out of freezer so now having emergency chili con carne. As oven on have whipped up fast batch of muffins. Emergency bottle of wine already opened!!!
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  • peskie_pixiepeskie_pixie Forumite
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    Hi all
    Declaring at £78.22 so just scraped in under budget. With this thread and the NSD challenge as well, I can't believe how much more disciplined i am about spending and sticking to a list etc. So although i don't post too much, thanx for all the inspiration.

    Could you please put me down for £80 again in June
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  • Keiss_21Keiss_21 Forumite
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    Going for £400 for June Mrs M...£350 is just too low for us at the mo...and DS2 will be home all month (apart from his three last AS Levels, and they're only a couple of hours each).

    Been looking back at our other spends over the past few months...and it looks like our total monthly spends have droppped by £700 per month :eek:, so even if I am not cutting that much off the grocery and house-cleaning spending, I am certainly cutting back on loads of other things.:j

    Got a big delivery from Mr T today, only counting the milk and a few other bits in this month, the rest have already gone into the June challenge. I am working loads next week, so this way I can sort out the freezer, do some batch-cooking/baking and be organised meal-wise for next least that is the plan! :D

    Hopefully I will have only NSDs now for the rest of the although I have gone over my target of £350, I am still under £400...only just mind you :o!!

    Will declare on Monday/Tuesday once I know my final total.

    Have a great weekend everyone.

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  • welshkazwelshkaz Forumite
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    ive fallen off the wagon massively for last 2 months through very ill hubby in hospital and pure laziness really so can i declare £280 for june please xx
    may groc challenge £167/£280...
  • freakyogrefreakyogre Forumite
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    I've lost track of May a bit, don't think i've gone over too much but have been away this week, so meals etc haven't been included.

    I'm going to try for £50.00 for June please. A bit lower as have a lot to use in the freezer etc and have spent far too much in the last week in general! I might have to change this as have received a letter from the hospital today with a date for my operation (just over 3 weeks time) and at the moment I don't know if i'll be staying at home afterwards as I won't be able to drive at all or walk far :(
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  • jackieglasgowjackieglasgow Forumite
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    Will be counting my receipts tonight. Not looking forward to it. :( Will post tomorrow.
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  • savvyshesavvyshe Forumite
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    Good Eveining folks,

    What a lovely evening it is too. It is Friday at last!! Absolutely shattered, got a weeks holiday next week,:j going to do a lot of sorting, cleaning and sewing. OH is off too so hopefully with a bit of luck and management, might get him to do some painting and decorating;) Going to live out of cupboards and freezer next week and try to do lots of baking and stock up for DS3 lunches (he has hollow legs).
    Not added up first spends yet but think it might be quite high!:mad: Not good for beginning of month, bought a lot of wine and barbacue stuff last weekend so got to get back on track.:( Going to stay at mums caravan from Thursday to Sunday so going to take food with us and try to make a couple of meals ready to warm up to make things easier and stop us going for a take-a-way or pub. Got DGD coming to stay over tomorrow:j so that will keep me out the shops hopefully.:rotfl: Please Mrs, M can I put down for £130.00 for June as I think last months was a bit low. Thanks very much:A Have a lovely weekend folks x Savvyshe
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  • mama67mama67 Forumite
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    Mrs M please put my ytd total as £1156.00 many thanks
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  • looielooie Forumite
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    Hi all, I am going to declare for May £102.16 so a very slight overspend. It was a pesky receipt I found in my purse this morning what has sent me over .... never mind.

    Can you put me down for £100 for June please :D
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