May 2010 Grocery Challenge

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    Hello please can i sign up for June - my budget will be £250 :eek: which is alot more than i unofficially went for this month, but the freezers empty, half term's coming up so all i'll hear is 'mum, can i get something to eat?' and at the end of the month my eldest is 8 (where does time go?!) and am thinking of having his friends round to play and buying party food. Thanks!
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    Good evening all,

    Congratulations to all of you who have finished your month. Some fantastic under budgets this month and even those who went over know where the money's going so well done to you too. :T:T:T

    Welcome to the newbies joining us.:hello:

    Managed another NSD today so we achieved our target on those. :j Only just mind as have to try yet again to get my favourite milk from MrT tomorrow and need some more salad cream but nothing else so should come under budget by a few pennies. I'll update the final total tomorrow or Friday morning.

    We've had a chat about the budget for June and at the moment it looks like we'll stick at £240 but I'll confirm once I've got my final total.

    Haven't long got in from work so I'm off to have some supper (OH's lovely corned beef hash, peas and gravy) and chill with the TV.

    Have a great evening everyone,
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  • Well have just totalled up this months shopping :eek::eek::eek::eek:

    My guess of £250 for may was way under budget We actually spent £477.00:eek::eek:

    I am in total shock even the kids were shocked I never thought I spent this much on food I do know I spent a lot last weekend as I had a friend up for the weekend and have had no oven for 2 weeks so that hasn't helped so please can you put me down for £400 for june I just hope they can fix the cooker tomorrow. I need to get this down to half and I will do it in the end!!!
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    I'm over for this Month - £259.47 for May, please put me down for £250 for June please MRSMC.

    Not sure what I'm doing for Dinner for tonight yet, have a School meeting to got to so will need to be something quick and easy.

    Have a good day everyone - see you on the June thread.:D
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    Hi everyone,
    havent been on here for ages, but Ive been lurking! I'd like to declare £189.64 as my total for May. Im really delighted - under budget two months running. Will make up for the overspend in the first three months!;)

    Please put me down for £180 for June. It may be a squeeze but I'll give it a go!

    Well done to everyone, and thanks to Mrs M and Rosieben for looking after us all:A

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    Morning all, just popped on to report a spend of £6.70 yesterday in Mr A's. I stocked up on the tuna they have on offer 50p for a twinpack.

    I am spending the day with my sister as it is our birthday today and tomorrow we are going to Doncaster for a bit of retail therapy :D
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    I need to re-join this, have been MIA as we have just moved recently and spent a fortune doing up the house (wood chip all over :eek:) but it's all done so I now need to get back into the swing of doing the household accounts.

    So can I be put down for 250 for June please, to cover food, laundry and cleaning. This is for me, oh, dd(5) & ds(4). It also needs to cover dd 6th birthday party which one she's having for school friends on the 17th and the other is a BBQ for adult relatives on the Saturday (they all work and spread across the country).
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    Updating spends, things been rather difficult this week so had to buy a lot of SP stuff from A*da, total of £24.28. Currently at £160.03/£250 so will no doubt be within budget this month :)

    Still need to get cat litter but thats all as far as I know :) Will declare on Monday when I know what's been spent over the weekend, hope you all have a nice BH weekend :)
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    I'm declaring at a massive (NOT!) £3.87 under budget this month, although I never got on the list as I joined late. But can I go on the June GC list please? I'm going to reduce by £5 next month so could you put me down for £275.00 for June please Mrs M, ta muchly :)

    I'm going to wittle my total away a bit at a time, which I have been doing for a while now, when I started taking part in GC and budgeting back in Oct 2006 my monthly budget was £315 and before that I reckon we used to spend £450 or more, actually when I look at it like that I'm doing well, there have been a few hiccups when we abandoned budgeting, but luckily we got back on track each time. My plan is to get us down to £250.00 by the end of the year. However, if I find that it starts getting tough I'll stick with what is the most achievable.

    I admire all the people on here who go from £400 to £200 in one fell swoop, but doing that terrifies me and I'm not sure I could cope personally with such a drastic reduction all in one go. I prefer the gentle gradual change, I reckon we won't notice so much if its done little by little and in reality we haven't. I shudder to think how much we used to spend on food and how much got wasted and wonder how much we'd still be spending today if we hadn't got ourselves sorted out :eek: I think it does us all good to look back and see how far we've come, when I started this post I felt carp because I'd come under budget by less than £4, I was hoping to come £25 or so under this month, but what I should have been doing is congratulating myself for spending on average £35 less a month than I used to, it's all a matter of perspective.

    Well done to everyone whether you've come in over or under budget or slap bang on target you've done the best thing for you and your finances by looking at what you spend and trying to spend less, even if you didn't do it this month, there's always next month. Thanks to everyone for the support and suggestions, without you all I wouldn't be here today, I sometimes forget to say thank you so I'm doing it now, cheers :beer:
    Herby x
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    Herby to come under budget at all is a fab achievement i think! It's not easy, especially when something unexpected comes up, i find even having kids to play throws me out as i have to buy more snacks lol.

    Anyway just wanted to check with you all, as i'm joining up for June. I have a budget bk/spend diary, i started it properly (again) at the first of this month, but i do it in weeks then tot up totals after 4 weeks.
    As 4 wks is 38 days and there are 30/31 days in a month this means by four weeks end tomorrow 28th so is it ok to start my next month from the 29th? Otherwise my budget book will be getting mucked up and confusing me! May have to go shopping tomorrow or today for a couple of bits but hoping not - still got about £9 left at the moment. Hubby did spend £6 !!! on cakes from the school yesterday but i put things like that under treats, like i would when he has a cooked breakfast at Asda. What does everyone else do? Hope you all have a good day x
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