May 2010 Grocery Challenge

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    Souk08 wrote: »
    Hi All, failed this month as spend was £54.09 against target of £40. However my cupboards are very full so next's months budget is £20 to bring me back in line. X

    No no no! You haven't failed - failure would be not knowing where your money has gone. You merely haven't met your target this month. Different thing :D
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    Good morning all.
    Just popping in to update siggy and my spends for this month.
    Well i`ve come in at £381.04:j:j:j for this month, so under budget, but a few things will carry over to next month, i`m hoping:D. We will see as it`s half term next week and as we all know the kids always have bottomless bellies, during this time.

    Please MRSM could you put me down for £400 once again for June.

    I`m trying my best to reduce this further, but I think i`m struggling for some reason. I write everything down, have a meal plan, cook almost everything from scratch, but doesn`t seem to work. The kids are constantly hungry, although they both have big adult size meals and snack on fruit and have sandwiches, cerals(fillers like porridge) etc in between meals. It`s not working, if anybody is in the same situation as me with 2 growing angels, could you let me know your secret, as I am pulling my hair out how to fill them up. i know next week will be one contant stream of mum i`m hungry.

    Catch you all later.
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    I completely blew the budget in April, and was so disappointed I didn't even join in the May challenge - although I was much better and only went about £10 over this time. :T

    BUT I'm starting again for June, which is a 4 week month, so at £40 per week should come in at £160, please Mrs M. Thank you.
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    Hi all

    Now I'm £14.35 over...

    Even though I've got a mealplan for the rest of the month I'm still managing to spend @£5 a day!
    Today I bought skimmed milk, brown bread, bananas, chips and thats it! £5.50 on very little and I need to get this down! I'm already buying a bit less fruit than I used to, I might try long-life milk and I need to buy fewer chips and find cheaper carby alternatives.
    Anyway, I'm going weekly next month to try and stem the casual spends and force myself to plan better - just need to decide how much to spend - and what to spend it on!
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    Well I'm pretty much stocked up but need a few little bits and my cleaning bits so will go out this evening and grab everything. I am hoping for a cheap month as it's necessity rather than anything else this month but we will see!

    Enjoy the day all :)
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    I spent £30 in an Mr A shop and then £10 yesterday at M and S 3 for £10 on meat. This is my final total for the month spend £116 :D

    As there will be four men and me next month I will increase my budget to £160 for June :D
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    Well this is my last shop for this month and I'm well and truly over target, today's spend is $13.08 take's me $227.48 but this is my first month of trying and we normaly spend $280 per month I'm happy with bringing it down from that even though I know I can get it a lot lower. So next month I will stick to $200 if I may for June. Of to update sig.
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    Haven't done this for quite a while but as now been made redundant it's back to trying to keep a tighter rein on the pennies! I had budgeted for £50.00 per week for the two of us and have come in under every week so instead of spending £200.00 for the month I spent £165.44! really please but I know that next month will be harder as DS is back from uni and DH is changing his job and won't be getting ahot meal at work any more so will budget for £250.00 for June-please add me in-thx
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    No shopping since Saturday and nothing needed until the coming weekend. So will be within budget this month - hurrah!:j:j

    Please put me down for £225 for June Mrs M!
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    poohbear59 wrote: »
    I spent £30 in an Mr A shop and then £10 yesterday at M and S 3 for £10 on meat.

    :wave: poohbear, Thanks (I think!) I didn't know it was back on. Ooh, more chicken for the freezer :D.

    I am on just over £400 against a target of £450. £15 on the veg box tomorrow but after that I may come in under budget for the first time in living memory :T:T:T

    Allegra - I meant to say great link :A I have book marked it for future use. for anyone who missed it.
    I am tempted to have the crisis month and try and do the £100 for the month and see if anyone notices :cool:. It would pay for some of the bathroom works.
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