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Free Portal game download, worth £17

edited 18 May 2010 at 10:30PM in Freebies (no spend required)
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  • brenda10brenda10 Forumite
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    Mortgage-free Glee!
    Impossible to download Portal, It is a joke and just not possible.:money:
  • indelacioindelacio Forumite
    1.6K posts
    brenda10 wrote: »
    Impossible to download Portal, It is a joke and just not possible.:money:

    Thier servers probaby getting raped with all the free downloads lol. Was fine when I did it for my orange box and I had the entire thing downloading not just portal. and you've gotta make sure you allow access and all that

    I tried looking for the code you enter in the control panel to make it very low res for those with lower spec computers but couldnt find it, could only find the ones for spawning half life 2 characters like zombines and all that, but it is out there somewhere, I saw it on youtube.
  • peatpeat Forumite
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    Indelacio, if you do find the code could you please pm it to me along with idiot-proof instructions for its use as Portal is very jumpy and slow to respond on my machine.
  • indelacioindelacio Forumite
    1.6K posts
    I had a long look again but still couldnt find it, sorry, if I see it Ill let u know

    but yeah if Id logged into steam Idve noticed theres a free trial on 2 games this weekend theres only two hours left, ones football manager, the others a game called altitude, both in your library just click download if you want to trail them.
  • If Portal is jumpy and slow to respond, try adding "32 bit" to the Steam launch options, worked for me.

    Another thing to try is adding -novid to your launch options, this stops the Steam video from playing prior to the launch of the game which is when it seems to have problems.
  • PrashantPrashant Forumite
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    Awh shame, I missed out :(

    Is the Wolfenstien game posted up there the full game or just a demo?
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