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The Great Jessops Price Match Challenge!

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The Great Jessops Price Match Challenge!

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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Shop but don't drop
The Great Jessops Price Match Challenge!

What’s it all about?

Jessops promises that if you see any product it sells cheaper, it’ll refund you the difference PLUS 10% percent. The best bit is that it’ll match online as well as high street prices.

How does it work?

When you find a product cheaper elsewhere, head over to Jessops with some proof – either a copy of the web page or catalogue. Alternatively note down the details and they will call the other retailer to confirm.

It promises to reduce its price by 110% of the difference i.e. if an item costs £300 at Jessops and you find it for £200 online, Jessops will sell it to you for £190.

P&P costs are taken into account if the other retailer is online and the offer excludes ex-display or closing down prices.

The Challenge.

Though claiming can be fiddly on higher priced items it can be worthwhile. The challenge is to find the bargains with the biggest price difference; so you can buy them at Jessops and save pounds.

Please note in your post

The price at Jessops
The price at the competitor
Details of how much you can save
If possible please give a links to the product on both retailers’ websites

P.S. This discussion was originally started by the poster immediately below. This entry has been inserted so I can put an official, fully researched explanation at the top. Thank you to moozer2 for the top spot.
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  • Just got a top deal on a
    Sony A100 jessop price 599.99 internet price 543.63 match price 540.23
    Sony Case jessop price 39.99 internet 30.99 match price 30.09
    sandisk III CF mem jessop price 89.99 internet 43 match price 38.35

    also got 50% off filter cos i bought a case 11.99 to 5.98 bargin :j

    could do with going out on Martins E-mail this one

    :j :j :j
  • How do you work it at 110% 30.99 to 30.09 isn't 10%

    neither is 543.63 to 540.23
    It's BOUGHT (to Buy), not BROUGHT (to bring) AND you cannot be frauded, only DEfrauded.

    Please do not buy animals from a pet store. Visit your local sanctuary or centre and give a good home to an unloved or abandoned animal.
  • sorry for the errors-

    but to be clear its 10% of the difference

    39.99 to 30.99 = 9.00 10% = 0.90

    30.99 - 0.90 = 30.09

    89.99 to 43.04 = 46.95 10% = 4.70

    43.04 - 4.70 = 38.34

    Cheers anyway

    by the way i did BUY a Case
  • which store was this at?
    and is there conditions on which internet site??
  • There was an advert in the Daily Mirror 14/10/2006 stating that they give 110% of the difference, so I called below number and sure enough they said it was correct and did the deal

    3-4 Baxter Gate
    Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN1 1JU

    0845 458 7094

    Their web site does not state anything about this; however i did find some comments on other forums specific to camera gear that they had done this in the past
  • It's true, someone in their shop today says they do it. But you'll have to let me know in very simple laungauage that i will understand, how you go about it.
  • Jessops will accept a print from the web site or they will check the web in store.

    The only conditions were that the goods must be in stock on the web and in store, they must be uk spec and not grey imports and identical product spec.

    As this is a nationwide company this must apply everywhere (Doncaster has 2 branches and they both matched the web prices).

    you can see the original add at

    Daily Mirror 14/10/2006 page 26
  • Would they price match an offer where you get a camera lens free do you think? i.e. the camera is £470 but with a free second lens... What d'ya reckon? Worth a shot? (no pun intended! ;) )
  • Give them a call you never know
  • I bought something from jesops last year and couldnt fault them. The same item was advertised on the internet for something like £30 cheaper so printed it off and took it in. They almost matched it but then threw in some thing extra so all in all it was great. and if there were problems they were there for me to take it in.
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