ARGOS excluding NI in vouchers-im not happy

in N. Ireland
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  • i agree with you bigal94.
    I would not have been so bothered if we were NEVER allowed to participate in this offer in the first place-northern ireland have always been included in the voucher offer...until now!
    I was also not intending to get political,as it is clearly NOT a political issue.We have the same rights as everywhere else in the UK because thats the country we are a part of-i am simply angry that as a consumer i am being discriminated against...and that is what it is until argos prove otherwise!
    I am aware that other companies eg car insurance dont include northern ireland,fair enough,but if the same company DID insure me every year for three years then on the fourth year said 'we are excluding northern ireland this year even though they have paid us in good faith and been regular customers' etc etc then YES i would feel exactly the same as i do with argos!
    If someone in Brighton was allowed to participate in the argos vouchers and someone in London was excluded from the same offer,id like to see them taking it lying down.
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  • I can't see why Argos should be excluding National Insurance in any situation.
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    ✭✭✭✭ clarify oe or two points.
    I agree with HM and AL, that this issue is a disgrace. Argos, have as you say, kicked the people of NI in the teeth, by offering ther carrot for a while, and then pulling it away, while they continue the scheme elsewhere. I don't contest that.

    The country issue.......well, least said the better. That's an argument that's been raging since 1922, and I don't see an end in sight for a while. Anyway, I'd mentioned it to illustrate a point, (and not a political one ;))

    What I'm getting at is the point about discrimination. I don't see that it is.
    I see an economic decision, likely based on the ROI Argos get from handing these vouchers out.
    In terms of simple numbers, NI has ~1.6 million inhabitants against the 60 million or so in GB. We also have an average wage well below the GB/UK average, so less spending power. If each of those vouchers equates to a 10% loss in their profit margin, then they'll still probably get a huge profit in GB, but it wouldn't look so good here. Factor in the extra shipping and insurance costs they have owning stores in NI, and that eats even further into those profits.
    People in Belfast complained that Dunne charges less for butter in W Belfast than the store on the Ormeau Road, (which was actually argued by both sides as discrimination, with those in the west claiming negative discrimination as they were being made to look 'poor' by being charged less), but was in fact made to happen by market forces. Curleys in A'Town were cheaper, so Dunnes put theirs down to compete. Simple really, but that didn't stop those in S. Belfast complaining that they were being discriminated against because of where they lived.

    Is it nice what Argos are doing? No, I don't think so.
    Is it discrimination what Argos are doing? No, I don't think so.
  • LizEstelle wrote:
    I can't see why Argos should be excluding National Insurance in any situation.
    :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
  • I hate to say this but we have to start boycotting them.
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    Is there someway we could report this to Martin and ask him to take this up with Argos?
  • I have posted this on the main ARGOS board aswell,so hopefully someone in charge will bring it to his attention,arkonite-babe i think is our 'board govner' perhaps im wrong though,but maybe she can??
    I was telling all the mums at our school today about this and they are GUTTED as they were also hoping to save a few pounds-i know some people might argue that it is only £10 or £20 in some cases BUT 1)its the principal of the thing and 2) the reason i,and most other people are on this website is because we need to save some money!
    thanks to you all for the comments and suggestions so far-still no reaction from argos though.
    it takes more energy
    to hate than to love...
    love and relax!

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    I think you shouldn't shop there.
    For £700 of toys check Amazon to see if they are cheaper and every order over £15 gets free supersaver delivery (including NI).
  • And with Amazon if the toy breaks they will take it a fix it or give you a new one or a full refund.

    Argos is useless and has no customer service. Had to take my XBOX (1) back to them on day 30 and before I when down I contacted XBOX and asked them and they said get a full refund and go somewhere else. So I did and the manager was the cheecky woman (sorry for being rude) but she was going to book it into repair, and I said to say about the sales of goods act then she finally desided to get me a refund when she checked the contents of the box she turn the box underside down and throw the stuff out. Then I had an other xbox item on it and I when back and she when sure you dont have a xbox. Cheecky Cow.
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    This isn't the first time. I remember the last time Argos had a voucher offer (Spring time I think) they did the same thing.
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