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ARGOS excluding NI in vouchers-im not happy

in N. Ireland
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Just to let you all know we are being excluded from the argos £5 and £10 vouchers this year-i wait every year for this offer as it really helps with the kids xmas toys but this year argos have seen fit to exclude us and i think its really not fair.
WHY now?what have we done?its racism(sort of!!)
what do you all think-can we take them on for unfair discrimination!?
it takes more energy
to hate than to love...
love and relax!



  • why are they excluding?
  • no idea!just says on the website 'offer no available in northern ireland'
    I will be taking my christmas shopping elsewhere this year-i usually spend the cuts of £700 in argos at christmas-even more this year as our youngest will be 1 on the 19th dec!!
    it takes more energy
    to hate than to love...
    love and relax!

  • Noticed this today as well, out of principle i bought my goods from another retailer
  • good on you-wouldnt it be great if we all voted with our feet and let argos know we arnt fools and if they have decided to ignore us then we shall do the same!
    it takes more energy
    to hate than to love...
    love and relax!

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    Here is the link

    It makes no justification or explanation for excluding northern ireland.

    If you place an order online or over the phone for home delivery and qualify for this offer, the voucher will be sent separately from your order and will arrive no later than 12th November 2006.

    Alternatively, why not collect your order in-store? Use our Check & Reserve service to make sure your items are in stock at your chosen store. Please remember that you must collect your item(s) between 18th and 29th October 2006 to qualify for this offer and you will receive your voucher in-store.

    All vouchers must be redeemed in-store by 14th February 2007.

    * Excluding delivery charges. Offer not valid in Northern Ireland.
    I used to have a signature with links to the League Tables for good/bad shipping charges for Northern Ireland. But I have since learnt that this is against site rules - so they are no longer here! PM me if you need them
  • BigAl94 wrote:
    Blatant discrimination!
    Just before the bandwagon starts rolling, let me step in as devil's advocate here.
    So it's blatant discrimination. On what grounds? Sexual ideology of the nation? Religion? Nationality? We eat more spuds per head than they do?
    Sure it's a raw deal, and no, I'm no more impressed by this move than anyone else. But there is no legislation in place that says a retailer from another country must offer the same prices/products/deals as it offers elsewhere. Quite aside from any political discussion, NI is not England, Scotland or Wales. We have our own legislation, and with a bit of luck, soon we'll have a government to call our own. We're a different country, and so the same rules don't have to apply here as other countries within the UK, or indeed the rest of the world..
    You don't see any English insurance companies getting lambasted in any court for applying far higher charges to our policies, simply because they don't have to apply the same rules. They're not discriminating....just adjusting for local economic climate. Different country, then make a new set of rules for them. (Let's hope that changes too :rolleyes:).

    I agree with the principle of contacting Argos and asking why, and should they not seem bothered, then, yes, vote with your feet. But don't start playing a 'discrimination' card, because that's not what's happening here. A business decision has been made, that's all, and it looks like we'll just have to lump it. ROI aren't getting this deal either, and I doubt very much we'll hear any claims of discrimination from there. But then they're aware that they're a different country, whrereas, some of us seem to have forgotten that bit.
  • BigAl94BigAl94 Forumite
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    Actually we are the same country - United Kingdom. Also Scotland and Wales have their own devolved parliament and legislation. I have never read such an idiotic post!
  • The UK is not a country. It is a monarchy state.
    England, Scotland, Wales and NI are all classed as countries.

    'T[SIZE=-1]he United Kingdom (UK) is the nation state consisting of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.'
    Taken from an English Government website.
  • BigAl94BigAl94 Forumite
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    And your point is? (actually you were the one who mentioned country in your post)
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