May 2010 Grocery Challenge

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  • NSD yesterday & today will probably be the same as the weather is so miserable looking that I don't think I will be going anywhere.
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    Argh! It's only the 8th and I've spent about £200 from the £450 budget...... I do, however, have enough nappies/ wipes for at least 2 months (but will need pullups) and a total of 5 chickens in my freezer (and beef joint and several steaks, 12 pieces of fish, 12 pork loins, 9 chicken breasts......)

    This week I will need some bread (say on Tues), pull ups (by the end of the week) and fruit & veg by the end of the week. Mr S has sent me a £8 off £40 voucher to be used by next Sat, so I think I'll go next Fri and get hubby to get bread on Mon night when he collects DS1 from Cubs (he'll be too tired to be tempted by anything other than whoopsies)

    I am determined to do this :) It theoretically should be quite easy, given the stocks I have .... :D

    Ho hum - off to see if ebay will let me in - I've been trying to list all day and it won't get me!!!! GRrrrrrrr!!
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    greent wrote: »
    total of 5 chickens in my freezer

    Ooh, welcome to chicken hoarders anonymous :T. I still have 13 I think.....

    I am up to £204.90 of my planned £450. I have done my big butchers visit, a monthly MrS delivery which included packed lunches, household, freeezer, storecupboard and bread for the month. I have my last free veg box this week, thereafter it will be £11 for a local box rather than an organic one. I have all the meat but need more bacon. The new hens are finally laying :j. Spending far too much on fruit for the boys but that isn't really a bad thing :cool:. Famous last words, only really need fruit, veg and milk.....

    I made the chocolate fudge cake again today (from the front page) but I only had half of the icing sugar I needed. Rather than go to the shop I tipped some granulated sugar in the food processor and whizzed it to powder. This mix has made the best icing ever -it has that glorious gritty crunch that you get on the outside of good chocolates. Next time I will whizz extra to store. DS2 has already had 3 slices :cool:.
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    Only little spend for me today, my body doesn't like anti biotics so needed to get some of those pre biotic drinks :) Asda offer of 2 for £4 though so went for them :) and a few bits and bobs

    Cat litter and liners sorted now for another 2-3 weeks, decided to try a different (cheaper) brand and see how it goes with them, the reason I had the more expensive type was because when Angel was a kitten she used to eat the cat litter!!! (I was feeding her I promise)

    So, total spend of £9.71 for me today :) Will add to siggy now :D
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    Had too small spends today and yesterday. I spent £5.89 on wine and nibbles to take round to a friends house last night, and today as I was walking through the contineal market in town I couldn't resist buying an apricot tart (£2...Eeek!) to help with the hangover. To be honest it was £2 well spent as it was delicious :)
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    Have just updated sig after weekly shop yesterday,am half way through budget not alot in freezer as I want to defrost it then next week will go to butcher and stock up a bit.:)
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    Decided to make chocolate brownies as I bought some for DS the other day and it was £2.40 for a small tray :eek:.

    Got a recipe of the internet and adapted what I had in already.

    Melt 200g of plain chocolate (used a toblerone) and put aside to cool.

    Soften 100g of butter and mix with 250g of caster sugar until fluffy.

    Slowly add 4 beaten eggs and then spoon in the melted chocolate.

    Sift in 60g of flour and 60g of cocoa (used chocolate milk shake powder).

    Should have also added vanilla but didn't have any.

    Pour into a greased baking tray and bake in a pre-heated oven (170 degrees c) for 20 minutes.

    Leave to cool before slicing, makes about 20-24 depending on size.

    It's absolutely gorgeous, really soft and moist/chewy.

    Spurred me on to make a large pan of soup (cauliflower, edame beans, parsnip, leek and onion with some ham stock, tarragon and thyme, salt and pepper). Going to see what its like and then might add some cream, crumbled bacon and parmesan after whizzing up.

    Got some linseed bread in the BM nearly ready to come out to be knocked back before leaving to rise again and then bake in the oven.

    DS gone out, OH just come in and if he wants any more than the soup, bread and brownies with raspberries and strawberries there are some SC ribs left from yesterday.

    Had 6 NSD so far this month. :j
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    Spent £2.09 yesterday - recorded it as £2.88, then realised I had used a 79p coupon (my second one recently for JustMilk, as DD passed one on to me), so had to alter sig., and got in a right old muddle! Is all correct now I think! Also bought fruit and butter.

    Don't have coupons that often, so was gratified to notice that you get your Nectar points on the original total, so gain the occasional extra penny - so, as Mr T says - Every Little Helps!

    Today I got yet more fruit and a cabbage (we certainly get our antioxidants!), and basics like sugar and peanut butter, and spent £4.11 (plus another 40p for a TV mag, but don't count that in GC.)

    Will knock up a meal shortly from what we have in. Not sure what yet! Last night I did a lovely stir fry which included mung beans which I'd sprouted. Left them doing on a high shelf opposite the kitchen window. Think they get the right combination of warmth and light there, esp. as it's over a radiator, which we have had on a few times over the past few days.
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    hi...made ratatoule sp ? for tea we had it with a jacket pot and leftover chicken it was nice and very easy

    that brownie recipe sounds lovely...might try that but need some eggs first...only have one left its annoying when u want to make something but u have one thing missing

    beenm iles away from a no spend today but hey its the weekend

    tata tess
    onwards and upwards
  • Sorry, me again. Decided to pop to the co op after all & spent about another tenner.

    Greent & Hex2 - was just reading your posts thinking I was not doing as well as you & you have the same budget as me. What date does your month end on? My ends on the 26th.

    I have done a stock take of my freezer today & I have:

    Braising steak (although it has been in there for yonks!)
    10 chicken breasts fillets
    Chicken thighs & drumsticks
    3 bags of cooked chicken
    2 x 400g diced chicken
    8 salmon fillets
    1 pork joint
    1 quiche
    2 pizzas
    Bag of prawns
    2 Bags of scampi
    Fish fingers
    Gluten free fishfingers & burgers
    3 loaves
    Frozen sweetcorn, green beans & onions
    6 Turkey steaks

    I definitely have enough meals till the end of the month but don't have any mince or sausages which all the kids like.
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