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  • i wish i had read this site before i sent of my phone they offered me £32.00 on the net now its only worth £17.00 the customer service was appaling they speak to you like crap this company is on my black list and it should be on all of yours.
  • Avoid using MPX at all costs. They are a complete farce of a company and there should be something trading standards or watchdog can do to shut them down. I am having major problems with them just now for my Nokia N97 32GB which I sent to them last week and was told I'd recieve 178 pounds for it. Low and behold a few days later i recieved the email saying the screen was damaged and had major scratches on it and would need to be replaced and was offerd a revised amount of £107 pounds for the phone. I clearly rejected this and emailed them saying I would not be accepting that as I sent the phone in perfect working order in a sealed and padded envelope in which the phone could not have been damaged. It is a complete scam and they just think you will lie down and accept their 'revised' amount.
    After I sent them the angry email saying I would not be accepting the revised amount and demanded the immediate return of my phone they eventually emailed me back saying after having another look at the phone they were willing to offer me £135 pounds for it. This I am also rejecting. They also said if i wanted the phone back I needed to send them a cheque for a further £10 pounds for administrative costs. So I'm now technically being held to ransom. Either I pay them the ten pounds or I dont get my phone back and have to accept the lower offer. To say that I am angry is an understatement. I honestly do not know if i will even recieve my phone back if i do pay the ten pounds and am in two minds whether just to accept the revised amount and get it over with. But then will they even pay me that? Anyone got any advise? I'm deffinately going to write to trading standards and would urge everyone else who have had problems with this disgrace of a company to do this also and try and get something done about these cowboys as it is a total sham.
    Here are the emails I have sent them and the email I recieved.

    To whom it may concern

    I recently sent in my old mobile phone and I am not happy with the valuation given after being quoted much more before sending the handset to you. The handset it is almost perfect condition yet i'v been told via e-mail there is severe scratching on the touchscreen and it must be replaced but that is not the case and id like to request the immediate return of the handset. This has been a massive hassle as I have been waiting almost a week and hoped to recieve the money for the handset within the next few days, not to mention the cost of £5 to myself for sending the phone through the post by recorded delivery to ensure the safe arrival of the handset. Needless to say I am extremely dissapointed and wish for the return of the handset to my home address as soon as possible.

    Thank you

    Dear Customer
    I do apologise that you are not satisfied with the amount agreed to be paid by MPX as stated on our terms and conditions, we have rechecked your handset and the very best we can offer you on this handset is £135
    Returning of handsets:
    If we still cannot come to an agreement on a suitable price you may request to have a handset sent back within three days of receiving your acceptance email, which will be at a cost of a £10.00 administration fee as per our terms and conditions.
    PLEASE NOTE: If we do not receive confirmation that you would like your handset returned within three days it will not be put aside, your cheque must be received within the next 5 DAYS or we will not be able to return your handset.
    Please let us know ASAP if you accept our revised offer or you wish to send us the cheque and have your handset returned.
    Please make all cheques payable to Mobile Phone Xchange and send to
    Dear MPX

    Yes I would like the return of my handset and will not accept the revised amount and I am extremely unhappy about the whole situation. I know for a fact that there is nothing wrong with the phone and should be recieving the full amount for it as quoted before I spent £5 pounds sending the phone to your company in the first place. Now you tell me I must pay a further ten pounds to recieve the phone back which I feel is a complete and utter disgrace and that I am being held to ransom. That is no way to treat customers and I will be writting to trading standards about my experience with MPX as this is completely unnacceptable and I am so unhappy with what has occured. I know I am not the only customer to have complaints about a reduced amount being offered for a perfectly good phone of which I have photo evidence as I took photos of the phone before I sent it in its secure padded envelope, therefore I am at a loss as to how it miraculously turned up at your warehouse with a severely scratched screen.
    I will grudgingly pay the ten pounds to receive my handset back and will never do any business with your company again and will warn others against using MPX which will cost MPX a lot more in the long run.

    sorry for the length of this post but I am absolutely fuming at this company.
    Any reply or any advise would be much appreciated.
  • another company to be very carefull of is ROYAL MAIL SIMPLY DROP.

    I send 4 mobile phones and an mp3 player. the payed the agreed amount for 1 phone, 1 they paid less than promised, 2 were sent just for recycling but the problem is with the mp3 player. it was registerec on their site and quoted at £7-50.

    The first email they send said the it was not working and was only accepted for recycling. When i told them i fully checked it before sending, they then said that it was working but was an unsupported devise and had no value to them.

    I replied offering to sent them a copy of the origional email from them and this morning frecived another email repeating that the item had no value so they only accepted it for recycling!

    I have agin replied asking for an explaination of why they are going back on the origional offer and asking for the item to be returned.

    I know its only a small amount of money but it is disgustiing that a company like this will try to rip off the public by nothing more than fraud and theft!!!
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    Graeme, I now have a completely unusable iphone ,thanks to this scamming company ! My previous post on the subject outlines a very,very familiar tactic of theirs of receiving a perfectly good and working phone for which an acceptable offer by them was made but then ,quite simply..they shaft you in making a ridiculous offer by inventing damage etc .I eventually got my iphone back off them ( for free....after a haggle ! ) and its cosmetic damage that they had claimed it had, did not exist but they had made it faulty to use by damaging the synching system ??!! It had ALWAYS been able to work and synch before they got their hands on it ! Be warned ! Do push them to return your phone to you for free at least !
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    I've had (having) the same issues with MPX, but it was through Vodafone that I was quoted the price of 65 quid for my Blackberry storm.
    Two months ago I agreed to take this as a PX price against my new iPhone and was told what to do with my old phone to get the 65 pounds recouped.

    Like everyone else on here, I got a txt a week later saying it had a scratch on the screen and was worth just 15 pounds.
    I complained directly to MPX (As the phone still had a screen protector on)who agreed to up the price to 30 pounds and as I didnt want the hassle -agreed on the revised price. Sadly, despite agreeing to the revised price, I still only got 15 pounds deducted from my next bill. (Still fighting for the rest now)
    I BLAME VODAFONE. Its Vodafone who are working with MPX and offering people prices for their phones against upgrades. (in fact, it was Vodafone who mailed me the bag to send it away in to MPX!)


  • Do not use these people. They told me my screen was badly scratch and damaged. The case was cracked and the stylus was missing. This was not the case. Therefore they offered me £42 insteaed of the original £62.
    When I tried to call them I was on hold for 30 mins on 2 occasions. Eventually they offered me a £10 increase which was £10 short of the original offer so I reluctanlty accepted. Payment was made 5 days later for the original £42, now they wont reply to my emails or answer the phone. Cowboys.
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    i've just used this company and it is a real con ! i got offered £19 for my phone and just had an email offering me £3 ! they said that my screen is so badly scratched that it needs replacing. It was in perfect condition when i sent it in and i am so annoyed with the company i have registered here just to post a warning to anyone thinking of using them ! Last time i sent a phone i used fonebank and had no problems at all. Have asked for my phone back but won't hold my breath given the other postings.
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    Is it just the sceptic in me, but a lot of people seem to be registering just to post on this thread and then we never see them again...ummm.
  • BEWARE - I was quoted £185 for an iPhone 3G 8GB. The phone was brand new, sent back to them in a heavily padded envelope with a screen protector on the phone. I then receive an e-mail stating touchscreen has heavy scratching and the "quote" goes down to £131!
    A friend of mine works as a researcher on the BBC Watchdog programme, so I will be passing this information on to her.
    Watch this space!
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    I used mobile phone exchange and they were OK and asked me if I was OK with the amount they were paying and if not I had the opportunity to get my phones back. The crowd to be wary of are They are total con artists. They gave me a quote for my 2 phones which were fairly recent models and the quote was only a few pounds better than some of the others but I decided to send them my phones. When I logged into my account they also stated the money that I was due and it was on it's way to me. However, the cheque arrived but was 10 pounds less than they quoted!! :mad:The reason they gave was because I didn't include the phone chargers! It was not stated anywhere obvious on the website that I needed to send these with the phones. PLEASE DO NOT USE THEM! :mad::mad:Their customer service was appalling and they didn't even have the courtesy to give a satisfactory explanation. Avoid them like the plague
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