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i have been reading that you cant use NCB on two policies, i am a new driver and as you can imagine, insurance is expensive. i was told that by adding an experienced driver to my policy could lower the premiums. i got a quote by adding a driver and i was quoted about £860 fully comp, i was quoted slightly more on my own under 3rd party fire and theft.

i asked a friend if i could add them and someone had told them that if i (policy holder) made a claim, my friend (named driver) would lose their no claims bonus even though they would not be using no claims bonus on my policy as they have their own policy which they use their NCB.

Is this true???

help please


  • if they were the main driver yes, however what you are doing is called fronting and is fraud
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    Whoever is the policyholder loses their no claims bonus following a claim under that policy, whether that be a named driver or the policyholder

    So if your friend is the policyholder and applies his NCB and you have an accident under his policy as a named driver (and it's fault/split) then yes, he will lose his NCB

    However, if your the policyholder and you apply your NCB to the policy (if you have any) and you or anyone under the policy have an accident on it, it will affect your policy and NOT theirs
  • PNPSUKNET wrote: »
    if they were the main driver yes, however what you are doing is called fronting and is fraud
    All absolute cobblers.
  • how is it fraud if i am giving someone permission to be insured to drive my car if they needed to, i just benefit from it?? its not like i'm asking any old person, its someone i would trust with my car.
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    It isn't fraud at all. Ignore PNPSUKNET.

    Your friends NCD won't be affected should you have to make a claim off your own policy (irrespective of him being a named driver on your policy)
  • thanks QUENTIN, that was really helpful. so if i have this right, my friend has her own seperate policy which they use their NCD, if they on my policy as named driver, not claiming NCD (since u cant for 2 cars), if i make a claim on my policy, it doesn't affect my friend in any way, since it is not her policy?
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    Yes that's right.
    It won't affect your friend because it's not his/her policy and they did not have an accident.

    I am assuming here that you or another driver had the accident and not your friend.
    If your friend actually has the accident then their NCD is not affected as it's not their policy BUT they would have to declare the accident which would affect their own premium negatively.
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