Cheap car wash.

I bought my Citroen berlingo car nearly 3 years ago. It was a new car straight out of the show room. I have never taken it to a car wash nor used a car shampoo etc. Instead I wait until it rains, and wait until the body work is wet through, Then I go out in the rain and using a micro fibre cloth, I wipe the body clean and the rain washes it down for me. Result the paint work still has those sexy as new beads of show room wax glistening. No cost to me, except drying off in the house. I have saved £s and £s and it is kinder to the enviroment. I think this would only work with brand new cars, but it is possible to just use the free rain to wash older cars as well, without getting the original wax finish.


  • Hello Guys,

    This depends on you whether you can spend for it or not.But according to whether you take it to show room or wash at home there will be not so difference but you have to pay over there.And your original wax will going to remove one day so why are you think about it.

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