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May 2010 Grocery Challenge

edited 28 April 2010 at 6:30PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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    Morning all :D

    I was missing in action last month...I still kept to my budget -but had little to say (not that it normally stops me I know):rotfl:
    Promise to post more this month..

    Anyway I did my first shop yesterday (€27) -we started doing slimming world a couple of weeks ago the spends have gone up but only a little -and it will get cheaper again once summer kicks in and the fruit n veg prices drop ;)

    I have just made a beef rogan josh from a SW cook book -its for tea tomorrow, but I like to let things like that stand overnight and develope... I will report back if its a hit and worth sharing :p (it tastes nice at the mo)

    I made Mexican chilli chicken(sw) with special fried rice(my own recipe) the other day which was a hit :T-I have got some of the SW cook books and Im quite enjoying working to a recipe -Im usually more of a "make it up as I go along" kinda gal :rotfl:

    The freezers are packed to the hilt -so mainly this month should be fruit, veg, milk - famous last words :D

    Hope everyone is well -have a good month all!!!
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  • greentgreent Forumite
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    Hello I'd like to join for May please. I'll aim for £150 although I really need to get it lower than this. OH has just been made redundant (again!) so we're living off our wedding savings (goodbye wedding plans :cry:)

    Off to read all the Weezl threads for ideas.

    Oh, Pablosmummy, I'm sorry to hear that. :( I can empathise - DH was made redundant twice last year in a 7 month period, and the £64.30 JSA we got per week did not go very far for our family of 6!! Huge (((hugs))) for you. Can you hold on to the wedding plans and revise them down? - there must be loads of ideas for weddings on a small budget on here. The important bit is the getting married - not a huge party, fancy clothes, exotic honeymoon, etc...
    summerlou wrote: »
    never done a grocery challange but need to cut done big time never actually counted what we spend but it must be at least 600 a month for the four of us and two cats so am going to try and stay under 300 this month so please could i join thank you.

    Welcome & Good Luck with the challenge! That's a huge leap down to be attempting in one go - have you thought about going down in smaller steps - less of a shock to the system and means that you are less likely to crash and burn and become disillusioned.
    BigMummaF wrote: »
    The branch of MrT I used yesterday, has put its purple 3L milk up to £1:25 :mad: I'm not sure what price it is in my usual branch, as I've noticed before that they can charge different prices although less than 10 miles apart & being of similar size :angry: Would expect it from an express or summat..

    Booger! I've got into buying this for my many cups of tea (was previously using red Cravendale) :( I noticed that the Sainsburys orange milk was more expensive at the weekend than when I last bought it - although I can't remember if I bought it on an offer......
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    can i be put down for £380 may plz have to cut dwn from last mnth as oh still got no overtime since xmas and that is our " spare after all bills paid money " so finances not looking good this month:(still looks too much aim to get lots lower over nxt few months:) thankyou in advance:T
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  • lizboblizbob Forumite
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    70 odd quid already spent, must try much harder!!!
  • boo81boo81 Forumite
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    Hi guys,

    Im going to try and do this for May as I got paid today and want to keep track. We go away on honeymoon on Monday so ive got a separate budget for that and the amount im allowing us to spend is for the remaining amount of time. Fingers crossed!

    So this month im going for £60
  • WelshWooferWelshWoofer Forumite
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    Could you put me down for £180 for this month please? it's a 4 week and I'm going for £45 a week - fingers crossed.

    Thank you!
  • purplevamppurplevamp Forumite
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    Hi, could I join again please? I did the challenge about a year or so ago and did quite well, but then just went awol :o.

    Could you put me down for £250 for the month please? There's 5 of us and cook from scratch 95% of the time (the other 5% is takeaways or special meals out)

    We have our anniversary coming up and are going out for a meal but I'm not including that in the challenge as we only spend £1 for each year we've been married and as this is our 3rd anniversary that's a £3 present to buy :) (tranditionally it's leather for the 3rd :eek:)

    Good luck everyone :T
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  • BigMumma and Green. It seems like milk is going up all over :(. I**land's 2l went up to £1.10 last week. I did try the MrT one but OH had to drink it, 0.75% is too creamy for me lol. Also too far to go to buy milk so looking to see if anyone has a better deal. Everything just keeps creeping up :eek:

    Summerlou - I second Greent - halving your spends in one month is really going cold turkey. If you decide to go with it, I shall watch with interest (and admiration lol)
  • freakyogrefreakyogre Forumite
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    Posted on the April thread, but will put it here too in case it's missed.

    Declaring £64.45. Quite happy as although I put my total up by £10, I think I spent less than I usually do.

    I am going to go for £60.00 for May please. I have a full freezer and lots in the cupboards, so will make a list over the weekend and see what I can create from it.
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  • sistercassistercas Forumite
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    ooh new thread :j
    please could you put me down for £300 for may thankyou
    its £130 less a month than before but we have had some unexpected bills and need to cut down

    i have done my menu plan for this week using the recipes from this thread - I find it hard sometimes finding inspiration for meals and they have really helped :)
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