Free £9.50 Lonely Planet iPhone city guide apps

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[title=]wtd_icon.gif What's this about?[/title]
Lonely Planet is giving away free £9.50 European city guide iPhone apps, inc. London, Paris and Barcelona.

You can grab as many of the 13 free guides as you want, until Thurs 22 April. They'll be yours to keep forever, so even if you're planning a trip in a year, grab 'em now.

[title=]wtd_icon.gif How to grab the apps
Simply download the free applications from Apple’s App Store by following the links below. Install them on your iPhone or iPod Touch and you’re off.

Warning! Only do this in the UK. Some the apps are 70MB, so don’t download these straight to your mobile while abroad, as international download charges are shocking (unless you use wifi). It could easily cost you £200 to download one guide, and that's in Europe!

In the UK, you'll almost certainly have unlimited data with your mobile contract, so you'll be okay. The files take a while to download, thus it's worth downloading them to your computer first, so you can keep using your iPhone at the same time.

Apple provides full step-by-step guides if you need them, but the process should be simple for most.
The 13 guides are free until Thurs 22 April. Lonely Planet’s press office’s confirmed that there’re no costs at all; once you download the app, it’s free for good.

You never know where you might be jaunting to in the future, so it’s worth downloading a few.

[title=]wtd_icon.gif How the city guides work[/title]

Lonely Planet’s mobile apps contain virtually the same info as its guidebooks, letting you browse, search and look at a photo galleries.

Yet the gizmo's major advantage is its map software pinpoints your exact location and show Lonely Planet-recommended places nearby. If you spot something you fancy, tap the map and it’ll give you directions.

What about roaming charges?

The apps are designed for offline use, meaning no hideous overseas roaming charges. The application stores all the street maps on the iPhone, so you don’t need an internet connection to use it. Though switch data roaming off in your settings anyway, to be safe.

Lonely Planet has answers to some common questions about the app here.

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    Where's the Volcano Ash status app?
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    Thanks, some of these are quite big files.
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  • Thanks for this info - these will come in useful :beer:
  • This is great, only wish they would add some locations I will be visiting on my round the world trip.

    Notice the following are free too, Vancouver and LA
  • Quite a good freebie, just did a search on lonely planet and it gave me all the freebies first, I have managed to get all the above plus Vancouver but I couldn't see LA for free.
    By the way a tip: Get all the apps at home and download them through the wireless network (assuming you have one!) Leave them downloading all night cause they are quite large files!
  • robonzrobonz Forumite
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    I really like the wikitravel app, its like having all the travel guides in the world in one global guide which you can also contribute to, like I have. It currently has a very simple interface but probably as a result of that, its very fast. No photos or maps, just all the main text as found on the wikitravel website. About a 50Mb download, so quite small considering all the info you are getting. If it did include the photos and maps as shown on the website, it would be way too big as a single app. Only problem is they currently don't seem to be updating it very often, currently over 4 months old but still more potentially up to date than a traditional printed guide book. As its quite a new app I imagine they will probably improve on that in the future.
    thanks to everyone who has thanked me!
  • angelizzangelizz Forumite
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    Thanks MSE Jenny

    These are fantastic Apps and even better free!!! Just downloaded the London one and the Barcelona one
  • 78mjt78mjt Forumite
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    To list all of the free ones at once in iTunes search for all titles by Lonely Planet, then sort them by popularity.
    Unsurprisingly all of the free ones are top of the list, so you don't have to trawl through them to find the ones you want. I haven't tried the App out yet, but if it's anything like as good as the books then these will be invaluable guides.

  • zierisaverzierisaver Forumite
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    Let's hope they follow suit with the rest of their Apps and we can download the one to New York for free too!
  • duckbrfcduckbrfc Forumite
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    Quick tip - download these on your computer first, not through your iPhone. Otherwise it will keep your phone busy for ages and sap the battery completely as they are big files.
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