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1/2 Price Breakdown cover with Norwich Union direct

in Motoring
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Norwich union direct offering half prince on all their breakdown insurance cover.

Ive paid £44 for the full package of cover (recovery, home start, onward travel etc) for myself and partner in any car.

Ring 08000964704 and quote CQM1

I waited till end when they said price then quoted the code so this way you know how much youre saving.
Am i here to save money or spend money......hmmmmm


  • FLFL Forumite
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    What a fantastic tip! Have rang up and the cover was only £35 (reduced from £70).
  • ShawzShawz Forumite
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    is there a date that this offer is on until?????
    Looking to raise some money ;)
  • Jazzy_BJazzy_B Forumite
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    Checkout this post
    It still works and yesterday I got full cover, including homestart, and forward travel for two cars for me and my husband for £31, from Norwich Union.
    I found the post on the Insurance page, but it's disappeared from there.
    Sorry, just realised you posted the reference. Duhhhh
  • Liz19Liz19 Forumite
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    Just tried this and the guy knew nothing about it! Am I too late?
  • Hi

    Ive phone about offer and they said its only for people taking out insurance with them?
  • Jazzy_BJazzy_B Forumite
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    Nickyork wrote:

    Ive phone about offer and they said its only for people taking out insurance with them?
    I didn't take out anything other than breakdown cover. Guy I spoke to said he thought it was a friends and family discount code. I said a friend gave the reference to me.
  • Liz19Liz19 Forumite
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    I phoned this number 0114 282 5447 and asked if the half price offer was on and the guy couldn't have been more helpful. I phoned the 0800 number previously and they didn't have a clue but thanks to Jazzy B I gave it another go and bingo!
  • sevlowsevlow Forumite
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    I telephoned the number in the first post on Saturday. The lady I spoke with wanted to take me through a whole series of questions, eventually I said that I had a code and just wanted to know if it was valid and what the savings would be. She insited we had to do the full Q&A but said that the promotion code would not that that much difference. Decided to proceed anyway and was quoted £100 for for my wife and I. Reminded her about the code and she seemed surprised when it reduced the quote to £50.00. She asked if I would mind being put on hold while she checked with her supervisor. Came back after a few minutes and said all was well.
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  • nambolanambola Forumite
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    Great tip. Icalled this morning and was quoted £81 to cover me and my wife and any car. The discount code reduced this to £40 - unbeatable by any of the other suppliers I tried. Thanks! :)
  • toozie_2toozie_2 Forumite
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    Me and my hubby

    Any vehicle

    Full recovery

    Any body else driving either of our vehicles, with our permission is also covered.

    First he quoted £79, I then gave him the code CQM1, he nearly fell off his chair, said he'd never seen such a discount and gave me the quote of .....

    Thank you
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