Ulster Bank "set-off" accounts letter

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I have 2 accounts with Ulster Bank, and I have this facility that if I go into the red in one and there are sufficient funds in the other to cover the debit, I don't get charged.
I got a letter last week telling me they are removing this facilty, although the letter doesn't make it clear if it's because I haven't used the facility for over 12 months, or because of their IT system.
Either way, it seems like another way to get charges out of customers.
Anyone else in the same boat?


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    Nothing personal davyl but I am amazed at the amount of people who are still with the Ulster, Northern, BOI and First Trust and are seemingly happy to pay their fees. Move to another bank like Nationwide or Halifax.

    I have been with Halifax for going on 3 years. I was previously with Ulster and First Trust and have never looked back. Free dd and so setup and cancellation. Free £100 overdraft. If you go over that, 24 hours to get the account back under the free overdraft so you don't incur any fees. Interest on the credit balance and you can pay any bill/person you like by setting it up online.

    Btw, I'm not associated with any financial institution. The 2 of the 4 banks I was with never listened to my complaints and seemingly didn't care about their customers. I'm sure the other 2 are no different.
  • I moved from the NI Banks to Girobank (now Alliance and Leicester) over twenty years ago and have never regretted it. With them I have 24 hour access to my account by telephone online and they pay me 5.5% gross interest. NI Banks don't even pay .1%!! About two years ago an elderly relative died and among other assets he had a 'savings' account (their term)with First Trust. This account has been in operation for many years and quite frankly the interest payable on it was a very sick joke. The irony was that there was a queue in the Bank (lambs never seem willing to be slaughtered but NI Bank customers don't seem to mind!!) on the day I visited with his widow to close the account.
    Apart from not being very pleasant, especially given the ocassion we were informed that we could have the balance of the account but there was a charge of £8. I asked why and was told it was to cover the cost of the bank draft!! Why, I asked could we not have cash?? I was informed we could but the Bank recommended a Draft for security reasons (and not for the £8 charge?) On hearing this I said we would take our chance on cash as it wasn't that far to the Building Society!!!!
    They really do have a cheek and it seems that not only do you they fleece you when you are a customer but they like another go when you leave!! Is it any wonder they are so unpouplar? It's time to wake up and vote for a better service by leaving them!!!
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