Weezl's phase 1- recipe testing and frugalisation- come one, come all!

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  • Oh my, just popping on on my mobile to say

    Good job all, you're doing a massively amazing job :-)
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    SusanC wrote: »
    I may have missed further discussion of this as I haven't read through everything but you don't have to throw away sourdough starter - I just feed mine according to how much starter I am going to need.

    Thanks Susan...
    You didn't miss anything...
    I didn't quite understand WHY half had to be thrown away :o
    But it was deemed that it was merely a space issue.

    Also, a few said that it may be too much of a faff for Shirley and Bob in the first planner...
    I am not sure if Weezl has plans for a sourdough bread in any of the future planners ;)

    Happy Easter everyone :easter_os:EasterBun:icotbaske:easter_ba:easter:
  • happy easter all!
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    First Months Recipes

    Chicken and onion pie with a suet crust

    Onion Tart

    Risi e bisi

    Thrifty Cottage Pie

    Spanish Omelette

    Chicken with stuffing and bubble and squeak

    HM Pizza

    Chilli Mince

    Bacon and onion pudding

    Weezl Veggie burger

    Pasta Alfredo

    Pasta amatriciana

    Baked Bean Curry

    Bob and Shirley's lunchtime pate

    Pumpkin Seed Butter

    Tangy bean pate


    Apple Curd

    this is the list of which ones from artys list I have updated, updated ones are in purple. I will add the others I've had chance to update so far...

    my pc is very sick, I'm going to have to defrag the hard drive and reinstall all my software :( this is a hefty set back! Please if any recipes you need today and tomorrow aren't shown above in purple, do post it asap and we can work out a way of getting it to you somehow!

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    weezl74 wrote: »
    no longer a roast chicken allegra, I'm afraid :( 2 meals of chook with bubble and squeak and stuffing and 2 of pie :)

    Duh. I knew that :o Edited now.

    What do you suggest batch-cooking wise, then ? Cook the chicken and make the pies, freezing the rest until needed ?
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    hi allegra!

    i am in n'pton too but it is not me buying up everything! been so busy decorating that we are being bad and eating pizza etc!

    however, once lodger (cousin) is moved in we will be following plan as much as possible :)

    loki x

    How fabulous :) A local Weezlite at last :T That's it now, I'm dragging you out foraging this summer whether you like it or not ;)
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    Poor Weezl and the poorly PC :( I think we have plenty to be getting on with, so worry not.

    A quick look at the planner suggests the following to me as tasks for the batch cooking day:

    Level 1 (essentials)

    Carrot cake
    Apple curd
    Pumpkin seed/nut butter
    Tangy bean pate
    Lunchtime pate (to freeze)
    Grate and freeze cheese
    Slice and freeze bacon

    Level 2 (if you have loadsa time, a big freezer and want to get ahead as much as possible)

    Chop onions/ make pastry (in readiness for Thursday's onion tart) or even batch cook and freeze onion tart
    Soak and boil marrowfats (in readiness for Friday) and freeze

    Level 3 (if you want to keep the next weekend free)

    Batch cook pizza (in readiness for Saturday) and freeze
    Poach chicken and make chicken pies For Sunday and freeze
    Batch cook bacon and onion puddings for following Monday and freeze

    Plus prepare any snacks as needed.

    Oh, and can lunchtime pate be frozen until needed ? I hope so, cos it doesn't make an appearance until Week 4, and we want to 1. avoid the liver going off and 2. avoid unnecessary washing up of the food processor ;)

    Does the above make any sense ? If so, I'd say that the only recipes missing so far are final carrot cake and houmus. And can I confirm, please, if the bread recipes on offer ara definitely the Paul Merret recipe and method, and Weezl's no knead bread ?
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    Happy easter all:wave:

    I had to get up ridiculously early to go to Church so may need to nap this afternoon!!!

    Dr Who was awesome and I cant wait for more episodes!:j:j

    Weezl-hope your computer gets better soon! Do you need me to do anything to the index?

    Hope everyone is having a lovely day:)
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    Allegra I wish I could thank that post more than once!!! :jThats exactly what I needed to see to feel more organised-it's so helpful to see it all in black and white!!! :beer:

    I'm a list person so if I can tick things off I'm happy:D

    Iv added the no knead bread to the index just to make it easier to find for everyone
    In art as in love, instinct is enough
    Anatole France

    Things are beautiful if you love them
    Jean Anouilh
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    artybear wrote: »

    I'm a list person so if I can tick things off I'm happy:D

    Me too :) Glad you're finding it helpful :D And yes, Dr Who was brilliant. DD still reckons he'll never surpass David Tennant, but thinks he's made a brave stab at it !
    Iv added the no knead bread to the index just to make it easier to find for everyone

    You know where she says it's fool proof ? Well, I've proved it isn't :p Still, Aless said she's in a hard water area, and our water here is horrendously hard, so I'm happy to blame it on that ;)
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